A kids’ event is incomplete without a bouncy castle. No matter the theme of the party or the occasion, you cannot plan an event without adding a bouncy castle to it. These are entertaining, versatile, and loved by children of all ages. They suit any party theme and can be easily hired from the right supplier.

But before you rent a bouncy castle, we would like you to consider the following things.

1. Determine the size of the bouncy castle to be hired.

You don’t want the bouncy castle to take up all the space at your party venue. Also, you do not want the tiniest version of the castle that no kid can play on it comfortably. You need to pick up the appropriate size after determining the number of guests invited to the event. It happens that all guests do not attend the party at the same time. Hence, analyze an event or seek the help of the bouncy castle supplier. He will be the right person to guide you with the different sizes.

2. Know who will be using the bouncy castle.

Bouncy castles are primarily meant for children of all ages. But why should only children have all the fun? Adults can also play with the bouncy castle and have a fun time. Before renting this play equipment, you need to confirm with the reliable bouncy castle hire company about the age and weight restrictions involved in a particular bouncy castle in Auckland. Communicate about the adults and kids using the castle at the party, and not forget to ask about the weight instructions.

3. Understand the add-ons provided by bouncy castle hire companies.

All bouncy castles are not the same. Though most of them are inflatable, some are embedded with additional features such as climbing walls and obstacles. Now, remember that all bouncy castles are not suitable for everyone. Kids below the age of 7 won’t be interested in complex bouncy castles and will require a simple one that allows them to jump and have fun.

But if you are inviting adults and older kids to the party, you should go for dynamic bouncy castles. So, choose a bouncy castle only after an in-depth study of the guests’ demographics and their interests.

4. Ensure that the bouncy castle matches the event theme.

You do not want a Cinderella-bouncy castle at a space-themed party, or you could be the talk of the town in an unfavorable sense. Your supplier can acquaint you with the differently-themed bouncy castles to align with your party and provide the guests a memorable experience.

In a nutshell, we suggest spending sufficient time analyzing the type of bouncy castle you would like to hire for the said party.

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