Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean with a long and eventful history. From here you can quickly reach Turkey by boat, and it is also possible to travel to Greece and Egypt. The capital, Nicosia, is today the only European capital divided into two parts: the southern part belongs to the Republic of Cyprus and the northern part to the Turkish Republic of Cyprus.

Also, the country is divided into two parts, the northern part, and the southern part. Therefore, the people of the island speak Greek and Turkish. In addition to the idyllic nature and the beautiful beaches, there are many historical sites, monasteries, castles and Roman ruins on the Mediterranean island. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Cyprus on Best Cultural Destinations.

Tired of exploring from the ground and do not know what else to do in Cyprus? Why not fly over it and see beautiful panoramic images? In Cyprus, some companies can offer you the incredible opportunity to fly high over the Cypriot landscape and enjoy the beauty below you. They offer to rent all the equipment you will need and parallel parachute experiences with professional staff.

Cyprus, due to its status as an island, has certain peculiarities that must be taken into account before traveling. Distances can be longer than it seems and public transport is practically non-existent. It is a country that offers variety to visitors. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy magnificent beaches, but also to visit remote towns and learn about their culture. We are going to give some tips about visiting Cyprus.

We did a somewhat short route through Cyprus since we barely stayed for four days. However, we had time to see some of the main places to visit. We had everything well planned.

Surely you have already noticed that visiting Cyprus is knowing one of the most valuable jewels of the Mediterranean Sea, and so that nothing overshadows your stay in this place it is essential that you take into account small but valuable tips. The first thing we will tell you has to do with the best way to get around, and this is, without a doubt, with a rented car.

The distances in this country can be very long, and public transport is not as optimal as we would like, so it is better to rent a car and visit the tourist sites by yourself. On the other hand, the official languages ​​of the island are Turkish and Greek, although in some areas you can communicate in English. Lastly, don't forget to bring comfortable clothing and sunscreen! Temperatures in this country can be very high, especially on its beaches.

Before choosing the ideal hotel to sleep in in Cyprus you must evaluate where will be the place where you will spend most of your time. Once you determine this aspect, finding a hotel or hostel that suits your budget is not difficult, since the hotel offer on the island is very varied and extensive.

As soon as you arrive in Cyprus you will notice that everything is related to Greek and Turkish cultures, and this is especially evident in the Cypriot gastronomy. Also, do not forget that it is an island, so fish and other marine species are the protagonists of many of the preparations.

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What to Do in Cyprus? Travelling Tips