Thailand is an Asian country known as a beautiful holiday destination. Families, couples and singles all throng to this place to enjoy a good vacation with friendly locals and gorgeous views. Moreover, the holidays here are easy on the pocket too and offer so much more. There are distinct geographic regions and the Andaman Sea hosts many resorts for tourism. The country has a tropical savanna climate and is warm most of the year. However, the reason it draws so many people is its unique culture, tourism-friendly offerings and, of course, the lovely climate. Single men often head to Thailand for a solo trip or a bachelor party. Here are a few things to do in Thailand for single men.

Bar hopping
Thailand has no dearth of bars and with reasonable prices, you can enjoy a few drinks easily. Pattaya has bars and discos for entertainment as well as foam parties. There are street bars and rooftop bars that buzz with nightlife. The Soi Cowboy is a popular street that houses a number of bars. The 100-meter strip teems with bars that have entertainment within them. The Walking Street in Pattaya is an excellent spot that comes alive at night. The street is 500 meters long and crammed with clubs, bars and restaurants.

Spa and massage
Thai massage is quite popular and it is a mix of Ayurvedic principles, assisted yoga postures and acupressure. It is a big business here and also well regulated. But go for a registered spa service for the best experience. The spas in Thailand have integrated with health and wellness centers. Hot compress, foot massages and full body massages are popular with men. But some spas also offer exotic massages like the nuru gel massage for men. You will feel relaxed and refreshed as the masseuse pulls at the muscles and loosens knots. You can spend a full spa day relaxing and pampering your body.

Thailand has a lot of entertainment options. Clubs and discotheques are open till late hours and a single man will really enjoy his time. The Alcazar Cabaret is a delight to the eyes and a popular show that bachelors want to see. The subtle dance moves and cultural displays make it a spellbinding entertainment option. The Tiffany Cabaret is also a known show by transgenders and it has been done for more than 40 years. One can also book a party bus in Pattaya for a surreal entertaining night. Shake a leg with the ladies for a 2-hour ride and if you are looking for something more, then you can also book escorts to spend time with you. Check out for some good escort options in Thailand. There is an S&M club too.

Thailand has many beaches and as a result plenty of water-based activities. Rent a yacht to explore the bay or open seas. You can enjoy meals while on the water or explore the world underwater too. You can try Flyboarding in Pattaya on the sandy beaches and clear-blue waters. You will go up around 15 meters in the air and you can do this for a good 20 minutes. Koh Pai is one of the delightful scuba diving spots enriched with reefs, sponges and sea whips. Sky diving and many more activities are available too and make good options in Thailand for single men.

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