In this busy life, it's hard for anyone to take a break for a moment. But A small break is must, when you are done with your work for long. This break will give you a time to think & spend time for yourself,too.

Life is not only limited to work only, but there are also many things which all there for you to do aside from the work, in Me-time.

This things you do in spare time,will add values to your life & give your energies to get back to work with more enthusiasm. Because that are the activities you like to do. Here are some free time activities idea, you can implement in your free time or in Me-time.

Spend your free time with family
Agree, you have not got enough time for your family due to work. But just think about, all this work you are doing right now for which purpose? For your family, Right? So why, you can’t spend some free time with a family who is there for you every time.

Take a short break from work, and go & meet your parents, if you far away home. Or you can arrange a trip with them or bring them to dinner. Spend time with your inspiration your mother, show her how much you care for her and respect you have.

Time to become helping hand for your family
You have always complained that you have no enough time for yourself. But have you see your mother taking a break from housework, she’s doing from very long. Be a helping hand to your mom for cooking and works you can do.
It’ll not only make her feel good but also give her enough time to enjoy her own “me-time”, too.

Reading a Book
Reading a book is always a first priority in me-time of most. A good book is like a true friend of yours. To refresh your mind and to acquire new ideas, a book serves best there. Reading books about famous personalities' autobiography, life tips or motivational, will change in way of thinking.

In future, you will agree that time spends with good books is far better and worthwhile... then to go for the night-out and party with friends. Habit of reading books benefits you for the shaping your future as well.
Take a new course and learn something new
Luckily if you get that enough time in working day, then you can also join a course about teaching new skills. Or you can also schedule your time, to acquire a new skill set by watching online courses as well.

Keep engage yourself in learning new skills and things, that will surely add values in your future for sure, when you have enough free time. You can also join a free workshop or seminars in your city at weekends to build your network & Learn something new.

Me-time, Time to do things that you love
Bring that guitar, stayed in the corner of room and play your favorite song you used to practiced. Take some Me-time & Don't just complain about, you don't have a free time. A busy schedule just can’t get you enough time to pursue your hobbies. If you can't get that enough free time, then plan your work well and take some spare time for your hobbies.

Do the things you are passionate about in this additional time. Play your favorite instruments, write an article/Blog,Listen to music, watch your favorite genre movie or do the things you always wished to do in your free time.

Be with kids and Be kid again for a moment
Kids’ smile is a powerful enough to heal anyone & to remind his own childhood. If you have that Me-time, and if possible then play with your kids in neighborhood. Spend some time with them, and this let you forget about what you are now.

Do some crazy things like them and Be a kid again for a moment. No matter how old you are, you still want to be a kid again, Isn’t it?

Use free time to free your mind and soul
To keep your mind free from that thoughts running in your head, you need a moment for mental peace. Pray god for giving you strength to handle those life difficulties. God will certainly answer & release you from that burden you carrying all time.

Make some free time to thank god for giving everything you needed & to be there always. Spend some time in praying god and this will help in curing your negative thoughts,too.

In your free time be with your own
When you have that spare time, spend it with yourself. Exactly, you have to spend some time with your own self, too. After all, you need some time to enjoy that me-time. In that your own-time, you can enjoy a free moment and think about yourself.

Think about how much personal goals you achieved, how many goals are still to, and plan for a next week schedule.

Use that free time to Plan for future
We all have life goals in mind which we want to acquire and no one knows about it, except our own self. In spare time, you have the opportunity to list-out the goals you want to accomplish. You can schedule your actions of the next month accordingly.

You can also track your own progress through the years. Also look for the types of source of income you have for more income. Figure out how much growth you have that past, and what needs to fill the gap, if there is.

Time to call your old friends
There was a time when you have that childhood friends in life with whom you spent precious time of life. Go and meet that childhood friend who gives you beautiful memories of a lifetime. Arrange a meeting with your old friends, to whom you haven’t met for the past few years. Who know they also wish to meet you & remind that old day back again.

Make a phone call to your that old friend, and arrange a get-together party.

Do some exercise & meditation
For doing good work persistently, you have to take care of your body as well. Do some exercise at home and keep your body stretched. After all, it's need to maintain physical wellness for everyone. Meditate in your meantime, take time to breathe properly and let the positive thoughts in your mind.

In spare time, you can do yoga & meditation. Only 10-15 minutes for it, helps you in mental relief from daily hassles plus won't let you slave of negative mindset.

A walk to the park
If you have that Me time after work, in the evening you can visit the nearest park and take a walk, too. The evening walk at the park will fill your heart with fresh air & mind with fresh thinking.

Enjoy the environment, enjoy the surroundings. You also get a chance to Meet New people there. Or go & meet with aged people who want someone to hear them.

Create Interior & Cleaning of your room
Agree that you haven’t got enough time to iron your clothes or to maintain your wardrobe. But when you have that spare time, clean your room and make some interior changes. Design an interior well & manage everything properly. You’ll see that updated room interior will impact on your mind & thought process.

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