For a person who is not from the country, dining out in Sydney came to me with a few surprises, both good and bad. I wallowed in a pool of confusion when my Aussie friend told me about the etiquettes of al fresco dining in Sydney. From sharing your food with strangers to dressing up modestly, Sydney’s rules have thrown me into more surprises than that time when I solved two mathematical equations in a row. I was on a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise with my friend last day and I must say that the waiters on board were the friendliest of their kind.
It wouldn’t be fair if I don’t rant a bit about my dinner that day, because it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Dinner cruises in Sydney , as I reckon, are a favourite among the locals and tourists alike. It was a catamaran ship with roving night views of the fairy-lit Sydney Harbour and feasting on the lavish buffet while enjoying the sights was a priceless experience for me.
Getting back to what I was saying, the dining etiquettes in Sydney could be intriguing for a first-time visitor such as me. Say, you’re planning to attend a dinner with your friends at a nearby restaurant, expect to share your tables and food with strangers, because that’s a deal in Sydney(a gentle reminder not to be Joey when dining with the Aussies). Also splitting up a bill is a massive trend in Sydney and in times of numerous apps, I guess you wouldn’t bother. Keep in mind that an Australian menu sequence could be far from what you’re used to back at home. As opposed to how it’s practiced in the U.S.A or any other parts of the world, a salad comes with the main course and not as an entrée. So don’t be sad if you don’t get your salad with your entrée. It’ll be right up with your main course.
When it comes to dressing up, every restaurant in the city—be it a dinner cruise in Sydney or a regular restaurant—the obligation of dressing up neatly always sits on your shoulders and there’s no escape. During my stay here in Sydney, I have observed that the Sydneysiders are often quite friendly but can be outspoken about things they find strange or out-of-place. And that’s to say, walking up to a restaurant in an old pair of shorts and a tank top could fetch you some unsolicited comments.
Finally, you ought to make sure that your reservations are done on the early side. In Sydney, the peak time for booking is between 6:00 and 6:30PM and if you can’t make it, you may look at alternatives. As a relief, it’s always possible for you to order in. Sydney is a thriving hub of food delivery apps and lately there has been a shift in the number of people dining out. To conclude, here’s a travel tip for those heading to Sydney: keep yourself updated on what’s new in the country and be ready for a lot of surprises!

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