Soccer is also known as football around the world. It is a popular game played by two teams of eleven players each. Almost all countries will try their best to be a part of the world’s most-watched tournament, the football world cup. However, only a few teams will manage to get into the league. Apart from the international tournaments, there will be several premier leagues and other club tournaments happening with players from all countries combined. Soccer is the costliest game ever and the clubs will hire top players for millions of dollars to play for them. Occasionally, player trading will also occur where one player will go to another club for the following years. You can watch all these soccer games on your television. If you do not have a television, you can get updated with the football events and scores with websites like livescore. All these websites are more popular than other niche blogs and magazines. However, some people watch these games without proper footballing knowledge. There are some facts that everyone should know before they decide to watch or play the game. In this article, let us discuss some things that can make you enjoy football to the core in brief.

Things to know about soccer

Fouls and penalties

Fouls and penalties are actions that are illegal on the field. If any player allegedly attacks or hinders a player from the opponent team, the opponent team will get an advantage of a freekick or a penalty shot. However, the players from one team can make contact with others in some legal ways. Some of the actions that will end up in a foul are as follows,

• Kicking another player
• Trying to trip him
• Jumping on someone
• Fighting or punching another player
• Spitting on field
• Handling the ball with hands

Whenever these fouls happen on the field outside the penalty box, there will be a freekick for the opponents. When it happens inside the penalty area, they will get a penalty shot.

Types of balls used

Football is not played with a single type of ball. Depending on the level of importance of the game, the quality of the ball used will show a difference. If it is a premium match like the UEFA champions league, the ball will be a premium ball that has approval from FIFA. However, in an ordinary match happening between two schools or small associations, a match ball will be there. If you are practicing with your teammates, you can use a training ball. Likewise, there are separate balls for each purpose. Every type of ball will differ in price, making, and materials.

Types of leagues in soccer

Several leagues and matches are happening in the football world. Each game will vary in importance depending on the level of their reach. Some types of tours and matches are as follows,

• Friendly international matches
• International tournaments like the world cup
• Club leagues like the English premier league

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there are separate balls for each purpose. Every type of ball will differ in price, making, and materials.