Fashion in jewelry is always evolving. Lots of fashion trends are set to appeal to the users, but ring stacking takes the cake. It is more about fun than fashion. Adorning the fingers with bits and pieces of sparkling embellishments speak about your impeccable fashion sense. There is no doubt that all the circles carry a stamp of your personality. It shows how you choose. Read on.

Tips To Get Stacking Rings Right

It was also a fashion statement to layer the neck with strings. Today the focus in on the fingers. With everything going digital, the fingers need more attention. Prep them up with adorable circles and shine. Teens and the adults alike are making a beeline for the best ideas to stack up. However, stacking is not about stocking. It is about style too. Follow some guidelines that help you master the art.

About Proper Stacking

Stacking is a skill and art both. You can take some factors into account. It's not about the top or the middle, or the lows, it's about the positions. The adornments speak about your style and the associated glamour. Here are five rules of stackable that if you abide by, will undoubtedly help you be the center of all attraction.

1 – Focus

How do you create a focus? If you want to make a different statement, then go for a large or unique geometrical pattern in a ring. Make personalized name rings your focal point. Choose smaller circles with thinner bands to complement the big shining star.

2 – Stack It High

You can travel to the next level with some stacking name rings. Slip on multiple rings to get a uniform, tailored, and textured look. Choose rings of the same genre, such as diamonds, to pile one on the other. Now, this method will surely define your style and persona.

3 – Glamour Part

Glamour is all about extras and add-ons. Add a little bling and sparkle by stacking on some diamonds and stones. Choose thin bands and spike them up with heavy pieces. Throw in some dazzle with hand-crafted white or black diamonds.

4 – Symbols Can Work

Choose from a variety of symbols. Symbols depict your tendencies and preference too. So bank on it. You can choose the trendy shape of an anchor, heart, a star, or a mother's name rings that speak about the inner qualities of the wearer.

5 – Mixing of Metals

Mixing metals for a new look is a great idea. Break the traditional rules of jewelry styling. Add metals with ring stacking. Stack your silver bands with yellow gold rings to add glitz. Break the monotonous appeal of a single metal and intersperse with thin bands of different colors. Make it interesting.

To Wrap It Up

To adorn your fingers with multiple rings is no mean business. It is about styles and attitudes. Plus, stacking invites attention to your fingers and good gesturing hands. Walk into a jewelry store near you and create your unique combination.

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