Different households has different washing machines. It's also your personal decision to buy a washing machine. A quality washer can make your life easier. On the other hand, a bad washer can make your life heal. Also you should find a washer that will be compatible with other appliances and your apartment. Before buying a new one, you have something which are mandatory to know.

Do you live in a narrow space where there is a little scope to install a washer? Or, how much space do you have in your apartment? These are necessary to know before buying. If you live in a narrow space then you should choice a top load washer instead of a front load washer.

The price is not only an important factor but also a deciding factor when it comes in finding the right washer. Depending on how much you can pay, you will get the equal washing machine. So, before selecting, you need to select your budget.

Economical washing machine not only good for environment but also help you to save the bills. An eco-friendly washing machine may cost higher initially. But in the long run it will save your water bill and energy bill. So, the running cost of an eco-friendly washing machine is comparatively low than a usual washing machine.

Fully-automatic or semi-automatic
There are two variant of washing machine. One is fully automatic, which does everything with the touch of a button and another is semi-automatic that generally comes with twin tub design, means you need to move your clothes from one tub to another manually to complete the washing process. These machines allow pause between cycles and also use less water. However, if you want your washing machine will do everything for you then it’s compulsory to choose a fully-automatic washing machine.

Top or Front Load
There are two type of washing machine according to their washing position. One is Top Load and the other is Front Load. A front load washer is gentler than a top load washer. However, both washers have pros and cons.

Child Locks
Do you have curious child in your house? If yes, then you should choose a washer that features a child lock. This lock can be on the door or a program that can't be changed when the machine is going.

Yes, this is a crucial part in the time of selecting a washing machine. You can get a variety of washing machine sizes. Now make question yourself. Do you have a big family? How your projected laundry is loads? Usually 6-7 kg of capacity is ideal for a small family. If you have a big and have a more projected laundry load then you should go for higher capacity. But you should keep in mind that the higher capacity will increase your running cost.

Ease of use
If you are going to buy a washing machine for the first time then it is overwhelming matter for you. You should give priority to the ease of use at the time of choosing a washer. Check whether the labels on the controls are clear or not. Are the functions clear to you? Finally, choose a washer that has a clear and functional control panel which is easier for you to use.

Modern washing machine comes with more features and programs. Features like spin speed and settings depends on a machine that you are looking for. Some machines have too many features which can make you confused. Possible and mandatory features includes fast cycles, specific cycles for delicate clothes, cold wash or warm wash. There are some ultra-modern machines have sensors to do its task automatically.

Laundry needs
You will find many choices when it's time to buy a washing machine. Only your washing machine can't do wash alone without the best detergent. If you don't have enough space to dry clothes then drying rack can help you.

A washing machine does perfect job for you. If you take care it properly, it will serve you for years.

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