We are expecting that our children will be out there this coming summer enjoying the warm weather. During this time, I don’t think there’s anything that beats the heat than a deep dive in the water. To make sure our kids are well prepared for the summer, we have to start buying some swimwear as the first steps in opening their summer joy. Though, many parents don’t know what to do in this case, because there are many considerations that they have to factor in before buying toddler swim vest.

It doesn’t matter whether your kid knows how to swim or is just learning; they will all know that the summer is the best time to have fun in the water. As a matter of fact, it’s the responsibility of every parent to buy them the best equipment for that. Now that we all understand how challenging it can be, we are going to list some of the things to consider before going to the market to buy any of the swimming vests for your daughter or son.

What are swim vests?

A swim vest is a device to help your kid float while swimming. Although most of the parents usually confuse them with floatie and lifejackets, these devices are very different. They are categorized somewhere between the floatie and lifejackets. The main reason why it’s advisable for any parent to get the best swim vests for toddlers is because they help keep them buoyant. These vests are especially important when your kid is learning how to swim.

Swim vests are not the same as floaties

As I have already stated, these two devices are very different. As a matter of fact, floaties are different from kids swim vests but they are often mixed. In some of the cases, the two are fixed on the body to work concurrently to help your kid swim and at the same time keep them safe. Some of the swim vests have leg straps to keep the vest on. The floaties are usually used as swim toys that the child is expected to hold while they are swimming. The main reason why floaties are used is not to keep the kid buoyant but to accompany them as they swim.

Swim vests are not the same as lifejackets

Lifejackets are not for kids or beginners; they are made specifically for all groups of people as long as they are in the water. They are actually regarded as lifesaving personal floating device. In many cases, lifejackets helps the rescue team to spot swimmers and help them in case of any emergencies. Swim vests on the other hand helps your kid to float while they are swimming. Life jackets are more bulk and so they can be uncomfortable to the kid.

The age

Some of the parents are usually worried about the age when their children should start wearing swim vests. What makes the difference here is the weight of the vest you choose. What this means is that your child will start wearing this vests when they reach the weight of the vest you choose. In most cases, the parents choose to take their children to swim when they are three years. However, it can be earlier than that. Just make sure this is a device to help your children swim better.


The other thing that you are supposed to take into consideration is the designs. First of all understand that children have a sensitive skin and also a precious skin that you have to protect. With that in mind, the design of the swim vest you choose should be comfortable and well fitting to the body size and shape of your kid. You can actually consider a vest that offers an SPF that will make sure your kids are protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

The size

To make sure the vest will help your kid, you should start by ensuring the vest fits well. This will prevent the instances of the vest sliding up and covering the chin of your child. When a swim vest is of the right size and fits well, it is likely to provide maximum buoyancy. The good thing is that there are many size checkers online that you can utilize before buying any kid swim vests.

The vest must have secure safety strap

The other feature to look for is secure safety strap. The vest you go for should have secure safety strap at the top of the zip. This will help secure the zip and make sure the children cannot undo the zip. If they do this, then they are likely to slip off the vest and drown.


I had earlier stated that how comfortable a swim vest is will determine the overall swimming satisfaction. First of all, the vest should be fitting and secondly it should be made from a reliable and a comfy material. When in the market searching for kids swim vests, make sure you get one made of soft neoprene fabric. This vest will provide extra warmth and at the same time prevent chafing because the material is very soft.

Sun protection

Your son or daughter will be out there on the scorching sun enjoying their summer time, although there are minimal chances that they will get sunburns, you are supposed to get a vest with additional sun protection. This way, you won’t be worried about dealing with sunburns.

Take away

Besides the fact that you have the right protection for your child, you have to closely supervise them as they learn to swim. Just bear in mind that swim vests and several other swimming devices are not safety devices. What am trying to say is that they can fail and cause some fatal accidents. With that in mind, never leave your child especially if they are learning to swim unattended in the swimming pool. Always make sure you can easily notice when something is happening and be at a position to offer the much needed help.

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