Paragard IUD offers a hormone-free way of birth control among women. However, in recent years, many women have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer - Teva Pharmaceuticals USA – for failing to inform them about the risks and side effects. There are several grounds for filing a Elmiron Lawsuit. This could be related to the defective design of the intrauterine device, manufacturing defect, failure on part of the manufacturer to warm about risks, and negligence in general.

Filing a lawsuit

Lawsuits filed by different clients are usually clubbed together by lawyers into a multidistrict litigation (MDL, so that the settlement process is simple. Because Paragard IUD is prone to breakage during removal, patients may have to go through procedures like laparotomy and hysteroscopy, which are expensive. The settlement comes in handy for paying the medical bills and dealing with losses and suffering. 

How to choose a lawyer?

When it comes to Paragard lawsuits, you need a lawyer with financial means and legal expertise, because it is your lawyer versus a big manufacturer. You can ask a few questions when you meet a lawyer for the first time, such as –

  1. How long have you been dealing with Paragard lawsuits?
  2. What do you think of my lawsuit? Is the ground and buildup strong enough?
  3. Will you club my case with other clients?
  4. How will you charge for your work?
  5. How long will it take to get the settlement?

A lawyer who knows what it takes to challenge big pharma companies and drug manufacturers is your best bet. Check if they have worked with clients in your city, and don’t forget to ask for references. The good news is you don’t have to be extensively involved in the regular matters of the case, and your lawyer will send updates regularly.

Pay if you win

Most lawyers take up Paragard lawsuits on a contingency basis. This simply means that they will only charge you for the work and case, if they win a settlement. The arrangement works well for clients too, because they don’t have to handle additional financial stress. Also, check with your lawyer if they are going to take care or absorb the litigation costs.

Final word

If you have a valid reason to file a Paragard lawsuit, consider asking for a free, no-obligation review of your case from a renowned lawyer. Your lawyer will help with the process and eventual investigation.

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