Locking the doors, loading up your holiday bag at the back of your airport transit vehicle, and the thought of your trip ahead ought to fill you with giddy excitement. But instead; you feel a niggling uneasiness (not because you are worried about reaching the airport on time), but of some essentials you may have left behind. And the only thing worse than worrying about it is actually having this confirmed on arrival at the airport.

This is a predominant issue with most holidayers who leave in a rush to catch their flight. NO MORE will not have to face this issue. Here’s a checklist with a reminder of everything one ought to know prior to embarking on their vacation.  

  • Understanding Security Restrictions For Poorly Packed Luggage

One of the major headaches of airport travel (other than not finding an airport transfer ride) is negotiating all levied security restrictions on all sorts of items in the luggage. In most cases, travellers will find that the time they spend dawdling in security queues far offsets the time they spend queuing to check-in.

“To avoid these restrictive inconveniences; one needs to circumnavigate all applicable trials and tribulations of reaching the airport with poorly packed luggage.”

  • Keeping An Eye On The Max Permissible Luggage Weight

It the vacation planned is for a few days (or even for a week), there is every possibility that the luggage will be of a larger size. Furthermore, the joyous and excitement-filled mood of the travellers makes them want to cram the luggage with more stuff!

However; one will have to curb this urge, especially if they want to avoid any additional fee. 

“As per rules, the max permissible luggage weight (for a particular region)should not exceed 30kgs. Furthermore, restrictions are also levied on the size of the luggage. One cannot have a piece of luggage that is more than 150cms (in total of its length, width and height).” 

So, be aware of this and try to travel light! 

  • Knowing The Restrictions On Liquids and Electrical Gizmos

Liquids tend to be the most queried set of items- oils, lotions, honey jars, syrups, etc. And they should be placed in a holding container not more than 100ml and 20x20cm see-through resealable bag.

However, these items will be made available at the entrance to the security, but not without shelling out the required cash. The exceptions are liquid medicines that are prescribed from a credible medical practitioner, baby food, dietary supplements and milk. 

For Electrical Equipment- All electrical equipment exceeding 16cm in length, 9.3cm in width and 1.5cm in depth must be kept in luggage and should be kept on hold for verification. Plus they will be charged, and at times, requested to switch them on for proper inspection.

So, be smart and pack things which lead to lesser security complications. Again, attempt to travel light! The trip will become relatively seamless.

Ready For Departure!

A quick look at each of these aspects prior to leaving for the airport will make the trip hassle-free and enjoyable. But remember to book the airport transfer ride in Sutherland Shire before-hand.

Last-minute booking can cause a lot of inconveniences. And as if these above issues weren’t enough; one should not pile on more to their list. To make every trip a comfortable and enjoyable one, these airport transit service providers ensure they:

  • Provide all-inclusive pricing (devoid of any hidden costs).
  • Trusted, licensed and experienced chauffeurs for a comfortable and ahead-of-schedule drop.
  • Hassle-free and flexible booking (and cancellations).
  • And quality transit vehicle incorporating air conditioning, Radio/CD player, child seats (on request), 6-seat arrangement and all the latest navigation, entertainment and safety specs for safe travel.

In a Nutshell-

A quality airport transfer service provider in Sutherland Shire will take care of all travelling needs and ensure no flights are left unboarded. And as a traveller; one only needs to keep in mind the tips suggested atop to ensure their journey is problem-free from start-to-finish.

Happy Holidaying!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a professional writer and a teacher by profession who has a first-hand experience in travelling with airport transfer ride in Sutherland Shire. Sharing those experiences, the author educates the interested readers about what a quality airport transfer service provider in Sutherland Shire does to make the journey seamless.