You will find a number of disposable Android chargers in the market. However, you just cannot pick up any one of them without verifying their quality and ability to serve your purpose. Thus, before you put stakes on a particular disposable Android charger for your smartphone, you must be sure on a few fronts. 

Make sure it is from a reputed company

Remember, you are vouching for a disposable charger that you are likely to take to a party or in any other gathering or in the wilderness during a fishing spree of hiking or trekking trip when you will not have any other access to charge your phone. So you would not like to find yourself in a tongue-in-cheek condition, just because you have opted for a gadget that is not good at what it does – charging your phone. 

And also, once you open the seal, many companies would not like to take it back and make a refund even if the charger does not work. That is the reason, you must make sure you are putting stakes on a quality company, which is not only reputed and sells guaranteed, high-quality chargers but is also ready to make a refund or make other compensation, in case of any mishap that you are not responsible for. 

Ensure that the charger carries out its responsibility to the fullest

You will find many one time chargers that will charge your phone – but only partially. Again, that will be a bad investment. Hence, you need to ensure that the brand you are vouching for, will be able to juice up your phone to the fullest extent so that you can make the fullest use of the gadget. This will come in handy when you set off for any trekking or hiking trip when you are supposed to spend time in the wilderness for long. 

Be sure that the gadget is not harmful to your smartphone

You might come up with less expensive varieties of these gadgets that might harm your phone rather than charging it. If that be the case, that will be a real dampener for you and the last thing that you might face. That is the reason, pundits are of the opinion that even if you have to shell out some extra pennies, you must look out for the best brands of one-time use chargers that will not only juice up the battery of your phone but will do so without inflicting any damage to the phone. 

Make sure that you can store it for long

There are certain brands of one time chargers that are pretty sensitive. In other words, they cannot be stored for too long before they can be used. There is no justification to use these gadgets just because in case you are on a trip for long, you might need many of them and you are not going to use all of them once. If you cannot store them, they are of hardly any use. Therefore, before you purchase ones, make sure they can be stored for long before being used. 

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The author owns a company that sells disposable one time use android charger for Android. The author is also a technician and an avid blogger.