Surrogacy has really helped a number of couples around the world with their Infertility issues to cherish their dream of Parenthood. Still the people in most of the Developed countries find this as UN -affordable and look forward for the same services in countries where it’s much cheaper and also legal. In addition to the same there are certain other things which need to be looked at like The Living standards of that particular place and the standards of the health services within the country. Though there are a number of countries which can best serve to their needs with low cost Surrogacy services, there are certain factors which need to be looked at before picking up the best available solution.

1. Standards of Service- Before you check out and finalize a particular country or place to get along with the Surrogacy services, you must check certain factors like age restrictions within the territory, Level of health standards, successful birth history, and meticulous psychological and medical screening. Most of the country has their own set of rules in regards to various Health and Human standards in order to accommodate a better place to thrive for their citizens.

2. The Legal Complications- Another major factor which needs to be considered while you pick the most preferred destination seeking for the Surrogacy services is checking out the Legal obligations for the particular country or place. While we understand the fact that there are many countries which are yet to legalize Surrogacy within their Territories and many others which comes with lots of Restrictions and Guidelines, we must take a deep insight into the same while ascertaining the best possible place to get on with the Surrogacy process. This could be the first factor which needs to be considered before looking for the same as Both the Intended parents and the Surrogate mother could land in trouble due to Violations of the Rules and Regulations of the same country.

3. Cost- This can certainly be said as the biggest factor which would surely make or break the deal when it comes to Surrogacy. The main reason for any intended parent to look forward to other countries in order to get the services of a Surrogate mother is generally the Cost which is not that feasible in their own country. Therefore, the Intended parents must analyze and check all the cost factors like the Compensation to be paid to Surrogate mother along with the Commission charged by the Referring agency and so on.

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