Before buying tyres for your trailer in Sydney, it is necessary to determine the quality. And to do that, you need to look for a few things that we will discuss here. So, without discussing much the maintenance, etc. let us dive straight into the points.

  1. Type of tyre

This is the first thing to look for when buying a tyre for your trailer. To find a suitable tyre look for the symbols P, LT, ST, and T.

‘P’ stands for passenger tyres that are developed for normal cars carrying passengers.

‘LT’ stands for light trucks that are developed for withstanding load in trucks.

‘ST’ stands for special trailers that are developed for trailers that carry vertical loads.

And lastly, ‘T’ stands for temporary or spare tyres that you can use when there is a puncture.

  1. Width of the thread

After figuring out the type of tyre, you need to look at the thread width which is represented in a three-digit number.


  1. The aspect ratio of the tyre

You need to determine the aspect ratio as well, that follows a slash. This indicates the relation of the section height to that of the width. For instance, the aspect ratio 56 denotes that the section height is 56% of the width. A lower ratio means the steering of the tyre is better.

  1. Tyre’s Construction

Some of the other things that you need to look for when buying trailer tyres in Sydney are the markings ‘R’ and ‘B’.

‘R’ denotes the radial which is made with steel, nylon, etc. that are placed under the tread while ‘B’ denotes the bias belt where a smoother ride is being provided by the tyres that have an extra layer under the tread. 

  1. The diameter of the rim

You will need to determine the diameter of the rim that you can understand from the digits that are expressed in inches.

  1. The rating of the load

Next comes the load rating of the tyre. Like the others, you can find a couple of two or three-digit numbers that will help you to understand the weight that the trailer tyres in Sydney can hold. When you are determining the load make sure that you need to multiply the digit by 4 as the digit only expresses the weight of a single tyre.

  1. Tyre speed rating

The speed rating of the tyre is being indicated by a letter. This helps to understand the heat dissipation of the heat from the tyre. A highly heated tyre will wear out quickly and exceeding the maximum limit can lead to tyre failure.

When it comes to the specifications of the tyres, there are many.

Some are all-season tyres while others are all-terrain tyres. So, before choosing the tyres, you will need to determine the purpose for which you are using it. This will ensure a proper working of the tyres and a safe ride while carrying the load in your trailer.  

And to get the best trailer tyres in Sydney, you can easily find a store. However, before you buy it make sure that the store has a good reputation in the market.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a company that provides trailer tyres in Sydney that are long-lasting and affordable.