Chairs are nothing but high raised platforms used by a person to sit on. They are available in different sizes and different patterns.Each chair is designed depending upon its need and requirement.A chair used for one purpose may or may not suit the other purpose. A chair commonly has four legs on which is mounted a seat which allows a person to sit and has a back rest which allows him to lean backward a sit comfortably.Some chairs are provided with a pair of armrest and a foot rest. Chairs are available in various sizes and shapes. it is designed according as how contented will the person fell while using the chair and the purpose for which it is intended.

Not only the ergonomic facts but also the non-ergonomic facts such as size, shape, foldability, stackability, durability of the material used etc. should certainly be considered while a chair is designed. As we have discussed a chair which used for office purposes or study purposes might not be able to be used for eating. For instance an easy chair which are at least slightly reclining are not suitable for dining purposes but they prove to be the best option when intended for sitting for long hours.

Choosing an office chair seems to be a simple task. Of course so it is, a simple and easy task provided some common mistakes are avoided. The chair which one uses in his or her office is crucial for the health and wellbeing of their body. It is crucial because one is likely going to spent at least six hours of his daily schedule sitting on that chair. So it becomes essential that it supports him well and is absolutely comfortable for his use. Many do not know the importance of selecting an office chair. This is not the same as you select a sofa set for your living. The chair your office is a highly contributing factor for getting the best results from the employee using it. If one is comfortable sitting on it then you can certainly find the ease with which he or she works.

Many people make mistake buying office chairs solely by seeing its price. They do not consider its utility and tag their choice as a “commercial choice”. They do not understand the serious loss behind this so called commercialism. It is not essential that you must spend too much of money for buying the chair. Another mistake that people make is selecting a chair meagerly because of its look. The main point is select only what is absolutely right for you.These are crucial points that one must consider before choosing an office chair. It must have the following features; Height adjustable back, Height adjustable armrests and seat tension adjustments.

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