It is said about traditional funeral but one thing everyone has to remember there is no such traditional funeral. It is just the funeral homes who earn the profit from this funeral service operation. No one should be compelled to do the funeral service as said by the funeral director. It is your work what type of service you want so that it is affordable to you.
Many such funeral services are available by which one can show respect to the deceased one. It is not written anywhere that you have to spend a large amount of money in the funeral. One can choose for simple funeral service that includes cremation without any ceremony being performed. No coffin can be used rather than the body can be moved to a funeral chapel for public visits.
Separate charge of the funeral home and the cemetery
In most cases the funeral homes do not own the cemetery. Hence the grave would be bought by you. There is a competition mainly between the funeral homes and the cemetery for the selling options of graves. You as a purchaser can take the advantage of this healthy competition.
The influence of a funeral on financial matter
Advance payments are required in case of organizing a funeral in the cemetery. Mainly cash payments are done but a duty task is made against the insurance policy. As the funeral home is contacted first therefore they will want to convince you about one duty task or assignment can be taken. But in real fact many assignments can be granted. The funeral homes do so because each and every item you have to buy from them. As it does not happen you can have your expenses as the funeral service proceeds. Factors to be considered for organizing the funeral are as follows:
1) It is legal for the scattering of ashes or the cremation work. Scattering of ashes at sea requires permission from the law and order.
2) The SSA donates a burial payment of some money to the surviving half or the children.
3) All seniors are related to funeral in a national cemetery, flag and a grave marker. Seniors in a private cemetery are driven to a marker and a flag. Spouses and dependent children are also driven to a lot and a marker, but only in a national cemetery. There will be no charges for opening and closing the grave.
4) The work of embalming is not that important. It can’t store the dead body for a long time. Hence one can avoid it.
5) According to the law and order the vault is not required but in some cases to avoid the sinking of the deceased it is required.
6) Casket with the sealed version generally cannot avoid the decomposition of the dead body. Hence protective casket is required.
All the government rules should be followed so that no after effect can affect the funeral service.

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