Do you question what kind of stuff to discuss with girls, without making a fool of yourself? Here's the 3 ideas to guide you.

Because they are very different from each other, there are no best things to talk to girls. You can talk about any topic with them, although the topic would actually vary depending on whom you are talking to. If you are trying to get girls to like you, try one of these ideas so that you can make friends with them easily.

Interests and Hobbies

One of the easiest things that girls can talk to you about is the things that they like to do on their spare time. This is actually one of the best topics to talk about as it allows you to get to know them well, and gives them a chance to talk to you in a natural way. Start with a simple question about what they like to do most when they’re not busy with school or work.

When girls share about the things that interest them, it is important that you allow them to do so without interruptions. Unless of course if they ask for your opinions, but if not, then avoid interrupting her. There are a lot of things that you can find out about them just by listening to them talk about what they like and what they don’t.

Ask about School or Work

If the girl you are trying to have conversation with is from your office or school, then the things to talk to girls are those that you both do there. Girls like it when they are asked about their day and how it’s going and since they spend most of their time at school or at work, there will be a lot that they can talk to you about. Don’t be shy about sharing your activities as well - you never know just what other common things that you can find out about each other just by doing so.

In some cases, the girls that you want to talk to will not work in the same place or go to the same school as you do. Don’t worry about this as they can be a good opportunity for you to make them interested in you. Tell them about how your school or your workplace is and give them a chance to comment about it, girls like it when men listen to what they have to say.

Funny and Memorable Life Experiences

Not everyone will be comfortable with sharing about life experiences but if you know how to ask and you stick to the light ones, you might just be able to get girls to share theirs with you. Begin by asking her about her funny life experiences and ask in a casual way and avoid making a big fuss about it. But if you notice that they seem hesitant to share theirs to you, then be the first to share your own experiences, as this could entice them to do the same thing.

All in all, it is not difficult finding things to talk to girls about. What’s difficult is on encouraging them to answer you back, so you will end up to being good friends. So once they do, make sure you respond properly and you show them that what they’re saying matters.

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