If you have been searching for trading computers, I am sure you feel a little bit overwhelmed trying to decide what is the best option. There a lot of things to take into consideration. The first one, of course is the components of the machine. You want to make sure your trading computer has the best components. A lot of companies that sell trading computers do not reveal this information because they use cheap components and they don’t want you to know that.

Another important factor to consider when buying trading computers is customer service. In this era of technology overload, we take for granted human interaction and contact. It is hard to get an answer these days. When you call, you are either placed on a queue, get routed to a foreign country, or end up having a whole conversation with a machine. Being able to talk to a human being is special these days and if you manage to do that, being understood is probably even more challenging. The moment you get somebody on the phone you are one more number and that is all. Personalized treatment is very important and almost nonexistent, so be picky about finding it. Luckily I found someone to answer all my questions and helped me patiently through my buying decision process.

Another important factor to consider buying trading computers is warranty and technical support. It is very important to have good technical support. Good technical support provided by people who have top notched communication skills and not somebody who hardly speaks your language. People who offer technical support should also have problem solving skills and should have the necessary patience to guide the customer to a possible solution. If you have had to call Dell or any other computer retailer technical support I am sure your call got routed to a third party and the typical process as mentioned earlier started again.

Warranty is also very important. Most companies only offer 1 yr warranty of parts and labor and they have multiple exclusions. Even apple doesn’t have a good warranty. A useful life of a computer is 3 yrs, so a warranty at least should cover that.

All these factors are important when buying Trading computers. Make sure you review their technical support and warranty policy. I personally have found a great company that offers what most traders are looking for: great customer service, great technical support and great warranty.

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