Ranthambore National Park is a very benign shelter for tigers and many other wildlife species. It is known to be the finest National park in India. This National Park is located in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. Its perfect position, flora and the royal remains of the magnificent fort makes it a place to visit. Thus, it is not simply a wildlife terminus in Rajasthan; it in detail recites the history of the wonderful past of the state. There are many options in Ranthambore National park other than jungle safari which you can certainly enjoy with your family and friends. Here is a list of things to do in Ranthambore National Park to admire its unquestionable beauty:
1-Jungle Safari- The first and the foremost thing that everyone wants to do in a National Park is a jungle safari ride. It feels great to see a Royal predator in its natural habitat. Ranthambore Park offers the ride in two slots i.e. morning and evening. You can take a jeep or canter as per your requirement. People who are very much fond of wildlife photography can take full advantage of this jungle safari.
2-Ranthambore Fort-Ranthambore Fort is a masterpiece made by royal families. It is situated on the top of the hill supervising the whole park. It is very stimulating and thrilling sight as even the tigers have been spotted up there. The view from the fort is marvellous. You can enjoy watching wild birds and many other animals also. This place is best for photography as it offers many interesting architectural and ancient sights. A tour to the fort is a must if you are a first time guest to the park. Idea of taking a knowledgeable guide is excellent for understanding the fort’s history.
3-Bakaula- Ranthambore National Park is all over covered with a dense forest and one of the thickly forested areas is named as Bakaula. This region consists of dense forest with many small ponds with rich vegetation. Due to its rich vegetation and availability of water Bakaula region has aprofusion of wildlife. Bakaula is one of the serenest regions of Ranthambore National Park. It is a very interesting place to see in the park.
4-Kachida Valley- This valley consists of many stony ridges and low hills and is positioned in the suburbs of the park. You can go through jeep to visit this place. It contains the majority of Panthers and Beers.
5-PadamTalao-This is the largest lake in the Ranthambore Park. Padam Talao is full of water lilies in the seasonwhich increase its beauty and signifies its name. Animals can easily be seen near this lake. Most of the animals visit here in morning and just before sunset time in search of water. The most feasible sighting near the lake is of Chinkara.
6-Raj Bagh Talao- The beauty of this lake is on its peak because of its surroundings. It always has a huge population of animals and birds nourishing in it. It is one of the main tiger spotting areas due to its forest and it’s convenience to water sources.
7-Raj Bagh Wrecks- These wrecks are located in center of the Padam Talao and RajBagh Talao. These remains is full of ancient stone structures like domes, arches, steps and palace outhouses give the area an aura that is undoubtedly breath-taking. These skeletons are what give the Ranthambore National Park such a matchless mixture of a wildlife reserve and a recap of the past, which together make it one of the most outstanding parks in the complete world.
Hence, Ranthambore National Park is full of beauty and thrill, so come and explore the nature and history with your loved ones. Make your vacations a memorable time of your life.

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