“And Being Close to God is Especially Important Now”

We tend to think that having a long life is our ultimate goal. But what good is a long life if we never attain divinity. Here are a few things we can do to allow ourselves to find our true divine self.

Be at Peace - Peace is one of the ultimate goals of life, if we allow our emotions to rule our being we never find peace. Thus those who are on the path of becoming divine beings never allow their peace to be shattered. If we allow everything around us to take over our feeling we never have peace. There was a Buddhist monk from Thailand, and there was a great feeling of peace around her… and people were drawn to her. And when she was in Thailand elephants would lay down in front of her, that’s true peace, a peace that everyone can feel.

Harbor Only Thoughts of Love - It’s important that we allow all ill thoughts to be wiped away. And harbor only thoughts of love that sustain and expand allowing everyone we meet to be enveloped in the light. I once met Divine Mother Amma in Washington DC, and before she even came into the room everyone started crying. Even the man beside me said he had something in his eye and had to leave… now that’s true love that everyone can feel.

Have Great Faith - Those that move towards divinity have great faith in God, the Universe, and the One and Only. They don’t pray for things to happen, because they know that God knows exactly what they need, and when it should be bestowed upon them. Think of Gandhi, he was a simple lawyer, but when he saw all the social injustice around him he took it upon himself to do God’s work. Even though he knew it would be hard, he never asked for anything… God would provide.

Be Selfless - Anyone who’s interested in moving towards the light of love will come to understand that being selfless is absolutely important. Once the light of love moves into devotee’s heart, he sees God, the Universe, and the One and Only in ever single soul he meets. And thus he or she wants to serve all and help all. Wether it be giving away sandwiches on the corner to baggers. Or serving meals in a soup kitchen, every single soul is important… and the final outcome is not important, it’s all about being selfless.

Be a Servant - Anyone who wants to attain divinity with God, the Universe, and the One and Only hears a calling to be an open vessel. And they call out to God to be used in any way, shape, or form. They ask God to work through them, and use their arms to as God’s arms, to use their legs as God’s legs, to allow the words of the Universe to be their words, and allow every thought they have… to be the thoughts of the One and Only. Thus they are ONE with “THAT” for all eternity.

Silently Fill the Mind - Those wanting to attain divinity focus every second on the Universe… they don’t allow their mind to wander. So in order to do just that… they silently chant God’s name over and over again. This is a sign of devotion, but it also helps the mind to remain calm and worry free.

This process is all about surrender, not to our will, but to the will of the divine. Thus we are able to find our true nature and change the world in a powerful way. We need people like this right now, we have great challenges ahead and those who strive for divinity will be beacons of light for everyone.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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Dr. Paul Haider
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