Things Women Cannot Stand In Bed: Things Men Do In Bed That Women Hate

Even though most women are open to many things and are ready to overlook a number of things, there are quite a few things they cannot stand in bed.

They may not kick a racket about it but from their behavior you will know that they do not like it. So steer clear of such things so that you do not repeat the mistake with them ever.

Grabbing at them unceremoniously- Women cannot stand the fact that you have not prepared them for the sex you wish to have with them. And then not having prepared them romantically, either verbally or physically, you just grab for their intimate parts.

Nothing can be more unceremonious than that and they may react either by pushing you off or quietly resigning themselves without response.

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Monotonous stimulation- The purpose behind stimulation is to arouse the woman but if you make the stimulation monotonous then the purpose is lost. When you keep going about the same motion in an endless manner it can become very unnerving for her.

Variations in the way you stimulate an organ or part of the body is important. You should alternate using the fingers and the tongue to bring in excitement at their touch.

Talking of others while with her- The last thing that a woman can't stand is talking about others whilst with her. She only has ears for appreciation of her own self, her body and her achievements.

There is so much to appreciate in a woman, dressed or undressed, and if you think of appreciating or talking of other things it is completely unforgivable.

Leaving her unfinished- Being left unfinished is the most unforgivable thing that you could do to a woman. You should see that she has orgasmed before you ejaculate.

Even if you are nearing ejaculation, you need to hold your self back and withdraw till she is satisfied and happy. Divert your thoughts as you press at the testicle muscles to prevent ejaculation.

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In this article you are going to discover 10 great SEX TIPS. Use one or all of them to improve your love-making skills and give your woman a lot more SEXUAL PLEASURE...

1. Become A Better Kisser

Women love guys who can kiss well. That's a FACT. Become a better kisser by gently sucking and nibbling your woman's lips. It'll drive her crazy.

2. Tease Her

During foreplay, TEASE your woman to build her sexual anticipation.

This will make everything feel better for her. For example, spend a minute or two kissing her BREASTS all over, except for her nipples. Then, when she's getting really hot and bothered -- give her what she wants and kiss, suck, nibble and blow on her nipples (but only after you've teased her by making her wait).

3. Master The Art Of Oral Sex

There are 3 keys to giving your woman OUTSTANDING oral sex...

- Get the right speed

- Get the right pressure

- Get the right motion

Every woman is different and you must work out how your woman likes to receive oral sex, whilst keeping those three things in mind.

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4. Lightly Restrain Her

Whilst having sex in the missionary position, lightly pin your woman's arms above her head. Or whilst doing it 'doggy-style', lightly hold her arms behind her back and let her head rest on the pillow. Be careful with restraining -- but know that it will get her VERY EXCITED.

5. Spank Her

This just makes 'doggy-style' a bit more naughty. REMEMBER: women love to get NAUGHTY in the bedroom.

6. Do It In Front Of A Mirror

This makes the sex DIRTY. 'Dirty' is even more exciting for a woman than 'naughty'.

7. Talk Dirty

Talking dirty is incredibly exciting for a woman. To give your woman amazing sex, you must start stimulating her with your voice and not just your body. It's an essential ingredient for blowing her mind.

8. Give Her Vaginal Orgasms Using Your Fingers

To do this you must stimulate her g-spot or deep spot.

9. Do Something New Every Time You Have Sex

This stops the sex getting boring. Try new positions, new locations and new sex techniques. OR, (and this is one of my favorites), new dirty talk phrases.

10. Give Her Vaginal Orgasms During Intercourse

This is the holy grail and the key to giving your woman THE BEST SEX EVER. It is easy to give her vaginal orgasms during intercourse once you can regularly give her vaginal orgasms using your fingers.

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Face the truth: although your girl might not say this directly to your face, she loves receiving oral sex from you on those rare occasions that you give it. Sadly, guys do not really enjoy going down on their girls very much, so they do not give it much priority when they get in the bedroom. This is usually the case because guys have no idea how much power great oral sex can actually have when it comes to girls.

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How To Give Girls Explosive Oral Sex - Make Their Heads Spin In Ecstasy

Deadly Tip #1 - Use every tool that you have handy. Keep in mind that you have your lips, your tongue and your fingers to work with. So, if you want to make sure that your girl stays content, you have to use all of your tools to give her great pleasure. To succeed at doing this, get into foreplay before having sex - the right way. This would involve you teasing her to bits by licking at her inner thighs or at the outer parts of her labia. Try not to delve straight into her clitoris, though, as you will want her to anticipate that particular move by frolicking around near her vagina first. Prolonging things is sure to drive your girl wild and that is something you would definitely want to do - trust me.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Deadly Tip #2 - Penetrate her properly. One huge mistake that a lot of guys make when it comes to oral sex is not going beyond the licking of the female clitoris. Real experts at this art know exactly what could happen if they use their tongues to penetrate the girl's vagina. In fact, by doing this, any girl can reach her orgasm without even having to have actual intercourse. However, if you choose to do this, you need to keep in mind that her inner vaginal area is very tender and because of this, you have to take the utmost care as to avoid any pain (although some pain might actually make the sensations better). Just make sure you are careful and discreet; that is all I am saying.

Deadly Tip #3 - Put your fingers to good use. As you use your entire mouth to pleasure your girl, try to remember that your fingers can also be put to use to improve any sensations that she experiences. As you lick her clitoris, for instance, use those fingers to explore what the rest of her body has to offer, as well, such as her breasts, her buttocks, and her hips. This deadly tips is also called "stacking pleasures" and has the ability to properly pleasure a girl like never before. By the time you penetrate her afterwards, she will get to know what an explosive orgasm actually feels like. Try it out now!

Deadly Tip #4 - Pay attention to your pace. As you lick your girl, you may feel the urge to go up to your fastest speed and keep going at that speed, but this would not be advisable in oral sex. You need to go fast and then slow and then fast again. Being unpredictable is the key. As a matter of fact, you can even stop from time to time to just look at her. This will confuse her to the point of her begging for you not to stop and to keep going. By then, you should have mastered this tip well enough to give your girl an orgasm through nothing but your voice!

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Tell her how good she smells- This is a one thing no woman can resist and it works even better when you go close to her and start smelling her. Tell her that you can't help but smell her because she just smells damn good. You see the more close you would go the more turned on she would be and you would start seeing a bit of redness on her face which would be a sign that she is getting turned on.

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Talk in a nice smooth sexy tone- A man voice is something which can get a girl going within a matter of a few seconds. Make sure to use a nice sensual tone when you speak to her and talk low and slow. Look right into her eyes while you talk to her and make it deeper and deeper as you talk. You would instantly see her change in her body language.

Tell her sensual stories- This is something which works hundred percent at all times. But you must be in the right environment to do this. You must ensure that you are alone with her in a nice quite environment where she would have all your attention. The reason why telling her sensual stories works is because girls are mostly turned on when their emotions are triggered. And when you tell them such stories they tend to see all that as a mental picture and it instantly turns them on.

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