By using the term ‘treat,’ we are assigning disease status to impotence, which may not always be a medically accurate approach to the sensitive subject. Oftentimes, an instance of erectile dysfunction is nothing excepta natural effect of tiredness, while at others, there might be an acutebut temporary psychological reason behind it. None of the two causes of ED we just discussed can be termed as diseases or conditions, since they are more situational than anything else.

At the same time, there are far more serious reasons that can also lead to erectile dysfunction unfortunately, and these would be the diseases and/or conditions that would require timely diagnosis and treatment. Examples include low testosterone levels, heart diseases, atherosclerosis, diabetes, prostate cancer, clinical depression and several other conditions of the body and mind.

Depending on the cause that is leading a man towards experiencing frequent erectile dysfunctions, there is a lot that they can do to improve their own situation, while there are a few others that no one should attempt to handle on their own without professional supervision. As to what these steps are, we will get into that next.

You Can Exercise

Out of the several myths that surround the whole concept of erectile dysfunction and its many proposed cures, exercise is one of the very few well known remedies that actually work in a lot of cases. It should be understood that even though regulated exercise can be a testosterone booster at any age, it is not going to be enough if the cause is serious. Then again, even if the reason for impotence in a person is a serious one, regulated and properly planned exercise routines can help supplement the primary treatment in a large majority of the situations.

When a man decides to exercise in order to increase his libido, there should be a systematic approach to it. Their regimen should include:
• Aerobic or cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, walking, running, cycling, etc.
• Resistance training in the form of weight training and bodyweight training
• Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises for men

You Can Eat Well

Workouts needs to be complemented with a healthy diet that is appropriate for your BMI and level of exercise. While we are not discussing athletic training here, treating ED on your own can be quite similar to it all the same. Obesity, or even being moderately overweight can cause various different types of sexual health issues, of which ED is just one.Combining a properly planned exercise routine with a supplementary diet can do wonders for your sexual health, vigour and even physical attraction as a man.

• We often forget that malnutrition is also a cause for sexual health failures, but with a proper diet, we can cover that as well. You should see a professional dietician for the right type of chart, personalized to suit your specific needs. If any previously existing medical conditions are present, they should be mentioned to the dietician and the chart should also be verified with your doctor before proceeding with their suggested diet. In the meanwhile, consider including the following items in your diet, which have been proven to be effective in warding off impotence caused by malnutrition:

Watermelon has citrulline, which is both a vasorelaxant and a vasodilator, but it also has lycopene to further boost your sexual appetite
• Coffee is a natural source of caffeine of course, and caffeine has been a proven method for improving blood flow for centuries
• Garlic in cooked food or even in its raw form has been associated with removing arterial plaque
• Theflavanols in dark chocolate are a precursor to the vasodilator L-arginine, given that they increase nitrous oxide in blood
• Unless you are allergic to nuts, try walnuts for boosting NO and consequently, L-arginine for vasodilation and reduction of blood pressure
• Wine and grape juice have similar effects as pomegranate juice; they are all rich in antioxidants that help with getting and holding an erection
• Omega-3 fats in olives, kale and fatty fish varieties cut LDL cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health and sexual performance
• Capsaicin, which is associated with improved blood flow to the phallus, is found in habanero, capsicum, cayenne, red chillies, jalapeno and all peppers in general
• Protein is the building block of life and you need lots of it in your diet to stay virulent

You Can Take the Little Blue Pill

No scheduled and controlled drugs should be taken without medical advice, especially since there is a chance of death from prescription-only drugs that are used to treat erectile dysfunctions. However, that does not pertain to sildenafil, aka Viagra, its most popular brand name. There are a lot of myths surrounding sildenafil and that can make things difficult for a man trying to find the right pill for addressing his impotence.

However, clears out a bunch of those popular little blue pill myths for men suffering from ED, so that they can take a well informed step towards improving their sexual health and intimate relationships. As far as finding the right dosage is concerned, that can differ from person to person. On top of that, treating ED with sildenafil should not be the only approach towards addressing low T levels. Manual should be able to help you out with determiningand supplying the perfect, effective dosage that is required to treat your ED, in addition to guiding you through other supplementary treatments for erectile dysfunction, if and when necessary.

You Can’t Ignore Frequent Occurrences of ED

If you are failing to get an erection quite frequently, it could be a sign of more serious underlying issues. Heart conditions, prostatitis, prostate cancer, atherosclerosis, Type I and Type II diabetes are just some of the various severe diseases and conditions that can also disrupt blood flow and lead to impotence.
There’s also the chance of brain damage or nerve damage from neurodegenerative diseases, head traumas and spinal cord injuries. It is important to either rule the more serious causes out completely, or get a diagnosis before it matures into a life-threatening condition. So, if you are experiencing ED far too frequently and low testosterone does not seem to be the main problem, get yourself a complete physical check-up under the guidance of a GP.

A common misconception is that we lose our sexual prowess completely after a certain age. While it is true that aging and loss of sexual virility are correlated, it isn’t as straightforward as we make it out to be. Some men lose their sexual urges as early as in their 50s, while others stay sexually active far beyond even their 60s. A combination of lifestyle, genetics, existing and acquired medical conditions, etc. play a huge role in determining who will lose their sexual potency and when.

Complete loss of sexual potency can in fact be delayed indefinitely in most men if they act in time and keep themselves healthy, fit, and well-regulated from an earlier age. Thanks to modern medication like the magic blue pill we discussed, it is no longer necessary to give up on your sexual life for a long time to come.

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