Each of us has a set of things we excel at and another, larger set at which we suck. And while we tend to linger on the things we're bad at, we neglect the fact that we can greatly improve them, if we would only stop whining and saying that we can do it later. Let's show a few quick statistics - 90% of the human population says "I'll do it later" and doesn't do whatever they said they would do at all. And while 7% say "I'll do it later" and simply forget about it, 3% say "I'll do it later" and actually do it.

The statistics above are relevant to the fact that I know too many lazy people and are in no way relevant to your situation, life, childhood and future, unless I know you and you're a lazy bum. Now that the imaginary numbers above have made you think about your productivity and procrastination, here's a list of things you could excel at, if you would get off your arse and do something bout it.

Your Health

This topic right here is very ironic, since I don't live a healthy lifestyle in any way. However, just because I've chosen the junk food and the video games instead of a salad and jogging, doesn't mean you shouldn't. I want you to stop comparing your idea of healthy to everyone else's right now. Think of what you find healthy, (no, chocolate isn't an answer) what you like to do and turn that into something healthy (if it's unhealthy, that is). If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, the most important thing, is that you should be comfortable with it. It's normal for changes to pull you out of your comfort zone, but there's a difference between your comfort zone and feeling comfortable with something new.

Your Free Time And Productivity

And now, it's time to quote every lazy person on the internet that procrastinates indefinitely. No, I'm totally kidding. But I did get your attention by making you think if all those bloggers and internet trolls are lazy bums. Ever wondered if you fit in those unproductive categories (even though bloggers can't be called unproductive since, they entertain us monkeys that stay in front of the computer all day)?

The best way to be productive is to be more organized. No that doesn't mean you should organize your entire life, it means you should simply re-organize your priorities, want and needs. Trust me, once you do, you'll find that you have more free time, more money (since you're not wasting it on stupid things) and more time to be productive. How you choose to be productive and how to challenge yourself, is entirely up to you.

Your Hygiene

How many times have you come out of the bathroom without washing your hands? How many times have you gone to bed or out without brushing your teeth? It's these uncomfortable questions that make us think about our level of personal hygiene as well as that of our surroundings. Keep in mind that when you're clean, (and don't smell like Manure the Bear) your cleanliness adds to your personal appeal as well as your confidence.

And while good personal hygiene can be an easy thing to strive towards, the cleanliness of your surroundings is a whole different story. Sure it's easy to call a one-off cleaning service to take care of the mess, but it's not gonna stay clean forever, now is it? Many people who have good personal hygiene have messy surroundings, despite the way they look. While this can be a huge turn-off, it can be an extremely unhealthy choice as well. How you ask? One word - hoarder. If you don't know the meaning, go look it up, because I don't have the stomach to explain it right now.

Overall, there are many thing you can improve on, but these three are more important than others. And while I would love to sit here and make a huge list of things people suck at and be sarcastic about it, I have to go an be more productive. I suggest you do the same.

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Pol is an author in free practice, who likes to write helpful articles. He is working with carpet cleaning professionals in Chessington as a cleaning consultant and shares his experience and knowledge with the community in his free time.