If your doctor advises you chemotherapy, like lot of people, you will picture yourself in the hospital, hooked to an IV drip. Well, this is something that most people do not know. Chemotherapy can be given in many ways, including pills and cream. There are many other notions that will be covered in this article.

1.Not in all cases, you have to stay overnight in the hospital for chemotherapy

You may not be required to stay in the hospital overnight in every case. In some cases, you will be given chemo as an outpatient in the hospital or at home even.
The place where you will get chemotherapy depends on certain factors like:
•Type of cancer
•Stage of cancer
•Your health problems

2.You may be chemotherapy drugs as pills and ointments

Not every time, you will be given chemotherapy through IV (intravenous). Sometimes, you may be given chemotherapy drugs as pills or creams.
The easier methods that are used in delivering chemotherapy are:
•Shots in the arm, hip or thigh
•Cream or gel
•Pills, capsules or liquids that can be swallowed

3.Chemotherapy can help a patient even if it does not get rid of the tumor

It is known that chemotherapy is given to kill cancer cells. But, the doctors can also give chemotherapy for other reasons like,
•Kill cancer cells that may be present in your body after the surgery
•Shrink the size of the tumor before getting surgery or radiation
•Help to easy symptoms of cancer when cure is not the solution

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4.You may be able to continue your work during the treatment

Chemotherapy can sometimes affect you badly and may result in fatigue and tiredness whole day. But, at times chemotherapy does not affect you this bad and you can continue your work even during chemotherapy. Working from home or part - time work can help you rest as well as work at the same time.

5.Side effects may vary from person to person

Well, chemotherapy has a lot of side effects, but each patient need not get affected by each side effect. Some patients get few side effects while some get many side effects. In some cases, a patient may get no side effect.
The side effects, you will get are dependent on the type and amount of chemotherapy drug you take.

6.Side effects need not show up immediately

Side effects can show up in months or years after your treatment. Some side effects that occur late are:
•Lung and kidney problems
•Heart problems

7.Chemotherapy is used in other treatments as well apart from cancer

Since chemotherapy drugs kills the fast dividing cells, doctors sometimes use it to fight other conditions.
One such example of chemotherapy given in other diseases is rheumatoid arthritis.

8.Over – the – counter drugs or vitamins can interfere with chemotherapy

If you are already taking over – the – counter – drugs or vitamins, then you should inform your doctor and ask for his or her advice before taking them. They may interfere with chemotherapy and may result in bad effects.

9.Hair loss happens not to everyone

A very big misconception is that hair loss happens to everyone. This is not true. Chemotherapy does not always result in hair loss. A lot of people complete their chemotherapy course without any hair loss.

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