The following things need to be done as a must in case of a car accident and getting the car removed from the spot:


The first and foremost thing that needs to be done it that you will have to stop! Bring that engine generator to a halt and keep the engine from roaring. You must not run away from the scene, mistakes happen but running away from the accident site will make the situation more worse. So it is best to not drive away from the crime scene be it a big or a minor one!


The accident car removal from Perth becomes a lot better with the help of police. You will immediately have to protect the crime site and call for the police without wasting any of the crucial time. It automatically becomes your duty to take the liability in order to prevent further accidents. You may even have to present a police report in order to claim the insurance for your damaged accident car. Also there is a common rule that the vehicles involved in the accident must remain where they are until and unless they are blocking the traffic on the road.


Accuracy is likely to help you get away with the trouble. It might be your or the other vehicle owner’s fault, but taking down the details is absolutely necessary. So by the time the police arrives, you have to make a note of the details and see to it that nobody runs away from the accident scene. Make sure to tell the investigating officer exactly what - what had happened that lead to such a horrific accident. Be truthful as hiding the truth can get you into trouble.


Say if your car has suffered a lot of damage then it is important to take a lot of pictures. You do not want to lose on your insurance claim so it is necessary to give them relevant pictures to prove your claim right. Taking picture of any visible damage is likely to help you in a lot of ways. Say if you injured yourself in the accident, click the wound pictures too! Be mindful of clicking pictures but do not come in the way of the police investigation!


You might have to notify the insurance company as soon as possible. The police will help you in the best possible way in this regards. You do not want your car to face trouble so you can call for any car removal company to help in the effective removal of your car from the accident scene. 

In case of accident car removals from Perth you must try to keep your cool. That might be your dearest car but getting the mess cleared off the road should be a bigger concern. Keep away your emotions and act sensibly at such moments.

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