An airbag landing system is introduced for the safe landing of athletes and stuntmen. Usually, it is used by many athletes in sports. It is also frequently used in the Olympic games. Now, we will talk about what is the landing airbag ramp.

Parts of Airbag:

Typically there are two parts of the airbag.
A - Air landing is the landing bag on the top.
B - Air Ramp, on the bottom: both the air landing and air ramp are separate.

However, there are connected by strong double D rings and web strip. So when the rider jumps on the airbag, they firmly land on the airbag after testing by famous riders. So, this is the portable landing invented by engineers for the safety of the people, and it will not only save your hours in setting up instead of scaffold ordered, but it also saves a lot of storage space during traveling.

Usually, the athletes use the wedge underneath the landing bag, but you can also use the airbag without the wedge. You can also put the container on your ramp or hill. You can use air landing for FMX, MTB, BMX, etc.

Advanced Fabric:

1There is highly advanced fabric used in landing airbags with ramp.
2The airbag with the ramp is durable, reliable, and having good looks.
3There is two internal blower system which has an Autozone impact-absorbing system.
4It is the inflatable jumping landing airbag where both the zones have separated air valves.
5These valves are very helpful in adjusting the zones independently and precisely.

Airbags Used in Many Sports:

1.Airbag landing Ramp is frequently used in snow park safety, freestyle Snowboard, training mountain bike, BMX park airbag training platform, FMX training airbag, tubby jump, ringos, free-fall slide, etc. As discussed earlier, the learning airbag and ramp are separate.

2.So, many people use landing airbags on the hill only; however, sometimes it is better to make its two parts when landing airbag is broken. The ramps can be used, which is in good condition.

Inflatable Ramps:

There are also inflatable ramps or custom inflatable ramps. You can set up these inflatable ramps anywhere you like. The inflatable airbag ramps are cheaper. They can easily movable from one area to another and ideal for setting up at events and competitions.

Innovative Blower System:

There is an innovative blower system present inside the airbag, so it is protective in order from the elements and also reduces the noise. So the safety is increased by eliminating the risk of kinked blower hoses or unwanted access to the blowers themselves.

Sizes of the Airbags:

There are many custom sizes available, as well as standard sizes of the airbags. It all depended on the ability levels. So, the size of the airbags are starting at
14×6 meters / 46×20 feet. However, the standard setup is 17×8 meter / 56×26 feet.

How does Airbag Landing work?

Airbag landing has two-zone impact-absorbing systems. Both zones have their internal blower system, which keeps them dry. There are several air valves present in both zones, which allow you to adjust the zones independently and precisely. The ramp is also current along with airbags, which allows a safe landing.

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