PHP is the most liked server-side scripting language with a pool of features and benefits for web development and here are the things you must know before getting started with PHP development


You may find a number of web-oriented languages today but when it comes to developers’ first choice, it is always PHP. PHP is the best one to start with for web development. It is easy to learn than even Java. But where do you start? Normally, it is suggested to start with simple codes. But even for basic PHP development, you need to be thorough with a few important things. 


Here’s what you must know before getting started with it. 


PHP, as you all know, is a very simple programming language used for enhancing websites built with simple HTML. This is a server-side scripting code or language that can help you to add the log-in screen to your web project apart from adding things like CAPTCHA codes, redirecting visitors to different pages, surveying websites, adding calendars, and do more. So, let’s dive into the things that you need to know before start playing with it. 


Basics of PHP:

Before getting started with using PHP, you must be clear with the fundamentals of it. If you already know about it then you are good to go but if not then there are so many tutorials and articles you can find on the internet to help you out. If you have in-depth knowledge about both HTML and PHP, you can make the best use of these in the right way in the same project. With the proper knowledge and idea, you can even run PHP from any HTML file. 


Apart from these, there are a few more things that you must know like:

  • How to start with and end up with a PHP code like ‘<?PHP and ?>. 
  • How can you use the print and echo statements?
  • Ways to set a variable
  • Ways to use an array
  • How to use the operands and operators
  • And, how to use the nested and conditional statements 


PHP tools:

When you are creating a PHP page with software, you can make use of the same software for creating your HTML pages. You can use any simple text editor for this. You also need the FTP client for transferring the files to your web host from the computer. And if you already have any HTML website, it is likely that you are already using an FTP program. Search online to know more about the latest PHP tools and software options. 


Learn about the loops in PHP:

Once you have gained mastery in your PHP skills, its time to gain knowledge about the loops in PHP as well. Loops evaluate statements as true or false. If it is true, it executes the code, then changes the actual statement and then starts over executing it by re-evaluating the statement. It keeps on looping through the codes in this way till the statement is false. In PHP, you can use different types of loops like for and while loops. 


Next, know about the different PHP functions:

Every function in PHP has a different task to perform. Developers use functions while performing or executing some tasks or logic repeatedly. All the developers need to do is write the function just once for performing the task as many times as required in the page. This saves a lot of time and space as well. PHP comes with many pre-defined functions. But apart from using these, developers need to write some custom functions too. With a solid PHP knowledge, adding these in-built functions or writing custom ones get simpler. So, know about it before getting ahead with the language for your web development. 


Learning about a new programming language can be overwhelming to some extent. Many beginners get confused just at the point of starting only. So, to avoid any such confusion or hassles, knowing about the above-mentioned skills is always significant before proceeding with the language.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is one of the expert web developers of a reputed PHP development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. With years of expertise, the author has written this article to help developers understand the key things they should know before getting started with any web project.