What is Cuckolding?
Cuckolding is a fetish where a partner gets excited by seeing their partner happy in another sexual relationship. It is different from cheating since the two partners have to be okay with the entire process. Contrary to what people think, both females and males can be cucks. However, it is mainly the man who is the cuck and the female is regarded as cuckoldress.

The Excitement Linked to Cuckolding
Normally, the man gets excited by seeing another man satisfying his partner sexually. The third party in the cuckold is known as the bull. The term is used to show strength and more than often, the bull is known to have a bigger penis compared to the cuck. The act of compersion kicks in the cuckolding where the cucks becomes happy rather than jealous when they see their partner happy. Nonetheless, there are instances where jealous can take part.

Biology behind Cuckolding
Cuckolding can also be explained biologically through a biological urge known as “sperm competition theory.” This is when the cuck is a person with a penis. The theory is that the man watching the partner with another man will prompt a biological response to have longer and more sex that will be intense and vigorous. Therefore, the cuck will have more sperms when they ejaculate and they will have less refractory period between erections.

Is it a Lifestyle Choice?
Yes. Cuckolding is a lifestyle choice that two people who are in a long term relationship will mutually choose. It is an emotional process that two people choose since they may have different reasons as to why they don’t want to get intimate with their partners. Therefore, cuckold dating becomes a choice that one partner (the cuck) offers freedom to the other (the cuckoldress) to seek physical relationship with a third party (the bull).

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