To get an all-round experience of a photography tour or a workshop, carrying a few things is necessary. So, whether you are heading to Africa, New Zealand or in any part of Europe, this list will always come in handy.

So, without further delay, let’s take a look at what you need to include in your backpack.

  • The right clothes

Different areas will have different climate and to learn photography and click some photos conveniently, you will need the right clothes in which you are most comfortable. So, to learn more about the climate of a particular place, you need to do some research.

Take the help of the internet for the research or ask the tour operators conducting the photography tours in Africa and they will guide you with all of these. However, make sure you ask them about adhering to the dress codes as some countries impose some restrictions on how you wear clothes or what you wear.

  • Notebooks

Notebooks are always considered as the traveller’s best friend. Moreover, since it is a photography workshop, you will need to note down things that the instructor demonstrates to you in the field. Though you already have a smartphone and a note-taking app pre-installed, we recommend that you rely on the notebook and the pen because taking notes is way easier when you have a pen and paper.

  • Camera and Lenses

This is the most essential thing when it comes to a photography tour. Without the camera and the lenses, the tour is useless. But since you will be learning plenty of things, you should consult on what camera or the lens you should take to get a complete learning experience.

  • Medicines

Before you board the aeroplane to start your photography tours in New Zealand, you will need to take the essential medicines with you as a safety precaution. However, this is necessary for not just a photography tour but all types of tours. Additionally, if you have a health problem, then forgetting to take the medicine can prove to be dangerous. So, better set a reminder on your mobile about the medicines that you need to take.

  • Protective gear for your camera and yourself

In case of adverse weather in the location where you are going, you will need to protect yourself and your camera. So, take the necessary things such as an umbrella, raincoat, headgear or caps, sunglasses and other accessories that you take while travelling.

  • Necessary permits

No, we are not just talking about the visa and the aeroplane tickets required that you need to reach the location of the photography workshop in Europe. We are talking about other permits that you might need beforehand. For instance, if you have the workshop scheduled in a wildlife sanctuary in the buffer zone or any conflict area, you will need to get the necessary permits from the competent authorities.

So, make sure you have all those permits. If not, you will need to obtain them to successfully attend the workshop. For assistance, you should get in touch with the company that is hosting the workshop.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a company that hosts photography tours and workshops in Africa, New Zealand and Europe and other parts of the world that any photography lover can attend.