Many people are frightened at the thought that they are approaching the age of 30, because that would mean that everyone suddenly becomes mature. This is the time when you have to leave the worry-free life of the last 20 years. Because after 30, priorities start to appear in your way, a successful career, there is the idea of having a home, creating a family, building a status in society. Before you reach that age, before you think about the wrinkles that may appear around your eyes or the responsibilities you are about to have, here is a list of things you should try in order to feel fulfilled:



People who travel and decide to spend more time in a particular country are more extrovert, often feeling the need to interact with those around them. The benefits of a travelling experience are numerous, especially if you decide to do it alone. Travelling tends to push people beyond their comfort zones and, therefore, they manage to adapt faster to the situations they encounter for the first time. People become so open about new experiences and easily establish connections with unknown people. In addition, you can gain more insight and become more optimistic and emotionally stable.

Stress is one of the biggest problems of the 21st century. The society people live in, the jobs or the difficult situations in the family are stressors, responsible for the apparition of irritability and numerous cardiac diseases. In order to free from these tensions, travelling is recommended. At the same time, it is stated that travelling can be perceived as an opportunity to reset your life.

Travelling is great for creativity boosts. That is why, by traveling as much as possible and using the information obtained through this way, you will be able to perceive the trivial things around you in another light and even look at certain life situations from a unique perspective.

Go to concerts

A live experience can become something mainstream or, on the contrary, you can realize that you want to see the artist on stage once again. A concert can make you love the artisit even more, it can make you discover new music that can change your life. The true experience of an artist singing can be found live, during concerts, not at home, listening to music on your laptop. Being among other souls vibrating on the rhythms of a masterpiece is something that cannot be compared to any other experience that is related to feeling the music. When you go to a live music show, you get rid of everything.

The artistic event can surprise you, from special guests, unusual collaborations, songs played in a totally different manner or other surprises prepared by the artist for his audience. For a few minutes you forget about yourself, you forget about technology, about your problems and you become one with the energy transmitted: only then can you say that you really live the moment. And the body-mind-soul connection is made through dance, combined with music.

Run a marathon

The marathon itself is not just a running contest, it must also be seen from a subjective perspective – personal success, self-conquest, overcoming your limits, the feeling of freedom and self-determination. The ending of a race is, from a spiritual point of view, a glorious feeling, a feeling that every participant wants to go through. The marathon boosts self-confidence and resolves potential personal crises. Health, fitness, joint events, and appreciation have an important role in anyone’s life, but even in this situation there are differences in each experience.

In addition to the causes of spiritual or physical health, there are also social reasons for participating in a marathon, that is, the event itself that gathers tens of thousands of participants and hundreds of thousands of viewers. This is something you won’t experience anywhere else, no other sporting sport gathers this impressive amount of people, which is also a great stimulus. The event is also announced through social networking, which helps inform friends and acquaintances more quickly, creating a growing community.

Try DIY projects

Putting your personality in whatever you do is a must. If you are a person who finds it more comfortable to buy items instead of making them, which is the case of most people, then you already know that after a while you’ll find it difficult to do something on your own and you’ll opt for ready-to-go products or services.  Handling lace ribbon is not as easy as you may think, and you should invest some time and effort into DIY projects altogether. The secret is to see the beauty in making things with your own hands and enjoy the process itself. Decorating a house with furniture that is made by you or with decoration items that you created with your loved ones will be much more valuable than anything else.

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Cynthia Madison is a young blogger and economics and marketing graduate. She writes about home, lifestyle and family topics and is a frequent contributor to popular niche publications.