Looking to live in Ho Chi Minh city? Read this article and find out relevant information on a rental apartment.

With the fast growing pace of the metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City has become one of the top places to live and work for westerners. There are numerous people from overseas looking to settle in Vietnam. 

To satisfy the increase in demand for accommodations, there have been many new apartments, studios, houses which are built across 24 districts in Saigon. This article will focus on five districts, which are preferred by many foreigners.

Read this article to get some insights on apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh

Apartments for rent in HCM

District 1- The Center of Saigon 

District 1 is a central business district of Saigon, and it has plenty of tall and famous buildings surrounded by many offices. This hustle and bustle area is a must-see location when visiting Ho Chi Minh City. 

It attracts visitors with historical architectures from the French conquest such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, etc. 

Moreover, there are many unique coffee shops, restaurants, and entertainment spots in the area. It is a highly populated area compared to other districts. 

The rental cost varies depending on many factors. Though, generally, the expensive areas would be Ben Thanh and Ben Nghe wards, which are located near many attractions and department stores; and the closer it is to the local residential places, the cheaper the rent.

The minimum rental cost is roughly $240USD/month for a fully furnished room with shared kitchen, bathroom, and living room. All bills are covered except for the electricity bill. 

The maximum cost can be around $3000 to $6,000 USD for a fully furnished villa in the District 1 area, depending on the street locations. 


District 7- The Korean’s Urban District

Similar to District 2, this district is one of the most developed areas in Saigon. The difference is that this place is filled with many Korean tourists and residents.

Hence, it could be considered as a home for Korean communities, since Korean products, cuisines are found everywhere in the location. 

The nearby areas are also quite urbanized with many local people who recently moved in during the past ten years or so. Thus, the costs for rent are lower compared to the central areas. 

The minimum expense for tenancy will be about $210USD for a shared house, whereas the maximum cost can be up to $5000USD. The house cost will include housekeeping and laundry services and all fully furnished. 

District 3- The Local District

District 3 is a home of many offices as well as the local amenities. This area is no different from District 1, where the rental expense is exorbitant. 

If you want to experience the local lifestyle and learn more about the cultural diversity and traditional customs, District 3 will be an ideal place for you to stay since there have not been many foreigners settling down here yet. 

Living in a fully furnished room in a shared house could cost you around $190USD, and you will have your bathroom; and unlike other districts, utilities cost here is usually shared between tenants. 

The approximate cost for a villa in those main streets such as Tu Xuong could be up to $25,000 USD. The house with this price will have three stories, nine bathrooms, fourteen bedrooms, working area, a kitchen, and it comes with furniture. 

Binh Thanh and Phu Nhuan District- The English Areas

A large number of English centers are operated in these two districts. Thus, many foreign teachers choose to stay in the areas for their work convenience. 

The rental cost in these two districts is lower than the others, as it is quite locally populated. However, in Binh Thanh district, there is a part where all the lavish apartments, Vinhomes Central Park, Saigon Pearl are situated. Hence, the cost of renting an apartment in that particular area could be more expensive. 

A room in a shared apartment with furniture could cost you about $150USD. Meanwhile, the pricey rental could go up to $8,000 USD if you decide to take a penthouse in Cantavil Hoan Cau building.

District 2- The New Urban Area

Locating next to District 1, District 2 is separated by the Thu Thiem tunnel. There has been a wide range of villas, houses, and apartments which are erected in this area in recent years. 

The area, which is located mainly in Thao Dien, is full of modern facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, schools, and other services. 

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People say living in district 2, and you will feel like you have escaped this third world country, but I will leave that to your judgment though it is one of the most popular locations for foreigners to settle down. And of course, the rental cost is reasonably expensive. 

The apartments in Thao Dien have 24/7 security, private parking lots, swimming pools and other amenities. The rental cost for a room in a shared apartment will be around $250USD, while this could cost roughly $2,500USD for a whole three bedrooms apartment. 

If you want to stay in a luxury villa, it could cost you around USD 9,000 with great views near the Saigon River.


By the way, before you click away, please remember that the prices mentioned above are estimated only. You might be able to find a much better deal within the area.

Looking forward to your stay and welcome to Vietnam!

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