Child custody is a collection of rights that are conferred upon a parent when there are divorces or cases of legal separation. These rights incorporate legal custody which includes reaching crucial legal decisions on behalf of the kids and also physical custody.

For those wondering what that means, physical custody has to do with the parent having the legal ability to determine the major residence and physical location of the child. The judge must determine what the child custody rights will be. The judge in question considers several factors before making a pronouncement. However, what is certain is that what decision the judge makes will be one that will be in the best interest of the child, as you are advised by a child custody attorney in Ellis County.

 Child custody issues can be very complex and that is understandable because the welfare and safety of the child are involved. Those who handle child custody cases are those who have the skills, expertise, and experience to cope with such tasks. An Ellis County child custody lawyer can help you navigate.

For many people interested in these issues, they are often concerned about how they will file for child support and child custody. It is a relatively simple process that starts with the filing for custody of the child. For this, you will need to get the relevant legal document intimating the court with sorting the custody while making you in charge of the primary custody of the child as a child custody attorney in Ellis County will explain.

If you are legally married to the individual and you want primary custody of the child when you are married to the person, you will have to file for divorce first. In this petition, you can then include a request for child custody and also child support. For most states, all the matters concerning child support and child custody have to be done alongside divorce.

For those who are in cases of legal separation in which you are not married to the individual that you have children with, you will need to file the relevant suit before child custody and child support request can proceed. A good Ellis County child custody lawyer can help you.

 There are also some other instances when one parent gets full custody and payments for child support can become murky. Well, the essence of child support payments is to ensure that there is provision for the financial needs that come with raising a kid. The court must specify the amount that the custodial parent has to get from the non-custodial parent. There are rules in place to ensure that this is done in the fairest ways possible.

 It is important to emphasize that child support payments are not in any way for the benefit of the recipient parent but strictly for the child. That explains why these payments should go mainly for things like food, clothing, shelter, school fees, medical care, and others. The court takes a lot of factors into consideration before reaching a judgment on child support payments.

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