Social media has the potential to help multiply revenue, far more than what one spent throughout the campaign. A few years back, there were reports of businesses seeing returns of 100 or even 1,000 percent, and even today, most marketers will tell you it’s one of the highest-Rate of Interest online marketing strategies available, in part because of the low costs and nonexistent barriers to entry.

But social media marketing has become much more competitive and commercially-saturated where organic reach is declining precipitously. And that simply means that there are some hard truths we need to accept about social media marketing.

A positive ROI is getting harder to earn.

A positive social media marketing Rate of Interest is harder to earn today than it was a few years ago, in part because of an overall decline in the organic reach a company or business can achieve on social media platforms. Social media applications have intentionally decreased the amount of visibility an organisation’s page can get without paying, in part to ensure that mainstream users have a less commercial experience when browsing their newsfeed, and in part to drive more necessity for paid advertising.

In the future, it may be necessary to be seen on social media. Social media ads can yield a positive Rate of interest in their own right, but they’re inherently costlier than purely organic strategies.

It takes significant effort successful.

Social media can’t be just “turn on” and expect to start seeing an increase in revenue or conversions. It takes time and effort to build a social media presence for the company, and you need to have a thorough understanding of your target market. You need to craft your messaging and time your posts adeptly carefully, and on top of that, you need to be active consistently, engaging with your audience, before you see a return on the investment. Chances are, you won’t break even your first month, both because it takes a long time to generate a significant following and because you’ll make lots of mistakes when you’re first starting out.

Not all marketers see a positive ROI.

Even though large per cent of marketers is using at least one social media channel to market their business and promote products and services, only 48 per cent of companies claim to see any Rate of interest whatsoever. In addition to that, there are many reasons for this discrepancy.

The definition of “return on investment” is different for different business.

Let’s say one of your fellow business owners tells you they see a 500 per cent ROI. That’s impressive, but where is it coming from? Measuring based on the number of visitors they’re getting from social media? Based on an increase in sales that may or may not have come from the channel directly? To make things even more complicated, are they calculating costs accurately, including the time of the full-time employees working on the campaign? ROI is self-reported and that is why it’s hard to ensure you’re getting an accurate account.

Some industries are naturally better suited for social media marketing than others.

I think it’s foolish to say that some industries can’t be thriving on social media; almost every company has the potential to see a positive ROI using social media marketing. Yet, some industries are going to have an easier time than others. Those with strong visuals and interesting content topics or those that are mass-marketed to a demographic that uses social media heavily will almost always outperform a business with sparse demographics, or one in a typically “boring” industry.

All of the above facts aren’t meant to discourage you from indulging in all such social media marketing campaign, nor are they a criticism of the stats themselves. I’m a major proponent of social media marketing in my own right, and I stand by the idea that social media is still one of the best, most cost-efficient marketing strategies.

But if one wants to be successful, one needs to set realistic expectations, and that means thoroughly understanding the nature and potential of the strategy before jumping into the practices. Social Media Agency in Delhi knows all about these facts and work according to them to serve you the best for your business.

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