Things You Should Never Do in Bed: Things Men Shouldn't Do During Sex

Two people unite to climax together through the act of sex which is highly pleasurable and satisfying. When two people meet to make love the entire concentration should be on the act alone and not allow other things to get in the way.

Yet there are times when the entire sexual act gets a bit unnerving because of certain interruptions and interferences.

Do not talk of your ex or any other person- Sometimes one drifts to the topic of including one's ex or another person in the conversation while making love to one's partner. No girl or for that matter no man likes to hear about a third person while trying their best to satisfy a partner.

Even if your partner has happened to talk about somebody then try changing the subject rather than get disturbed by this interruption.

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Do not get straight to the act and omit the foreplay- A woman needs to be aroused gradually and not taken directly to the field of play. A girl likes to be romanced and cajoled and caressed before you embark upon the foreplay. If she's not been aroused sufficiently she will never be able to orgasm.

Do not make the session boring- A man often tends to continue a certain motion without a break or a variation. The motion becomes stereotyped and boring and as a matter of fact irritable after a while. In such a situation your partner might just throw you off in disgust. Always introduce variation in the stimulations to arouse her and help her orgasm.

Never do the things that do not excite her- There are many things that a woman does not like or places where a woman does not enjoy being touched. If it's your first time with her then be on the alert to study the patterns she likes. And thereafter always take care not to do the things that she does not enjoy.

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In this article you are going to discover a proven, works every time SEX TECHNIQUE that you can use to tell if your woman is 'faking it'.

Likewise, the technique will also tell you if your woman orgasms are the real deal.

The truth about female orgasms is that there are many types:

- Clitoral, Nipple, Vaginal, G-Spot, Deep Spot, Multiple, Anal, Squirting... the list goes on and on

As you can see -- women have a HUGE potential for experiencing serious SEXUAL PLEASURE in the bedroom.

However, the reality is that some women have never had an orgasm. This is true of more women than you might think. In fact, approximately 30% of the female population falls into this category.

The majority of women have had CLITORAL ORGASMS but none of the other types.

Clearly, most men are doing a pretty poor job of satisfying their women in the bedroom.

But here's the thing...

Some men think they are giving their women an ORGASM, but the reality is that they are doing no such thing.

The reality is that their women are FAKING IT.

When a woman 'fakes it' she is doing herself no favors because she is making her man think he is doing a decent job of giving her sexual satisfaction. However, what she is really doing is making she he'll never please her!

BUT, with that said -- I understand why some women fake their orgasms.

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Here are the main reasons why women 'fake it'

1. To make their men feel better about themselves/to avoid hurting his feelings

2. To stop their men doing whatever they are doing. Women do this if they are really bored of the sex and they just want their man to blow his load and let then let them go to sleep

Now, if you read mainstream sex advice you'll regularly see tips and techniques for working out whether or not a woman has had an orgasm.

These so called 'experts' will tell you to watch her breathing, check out wet she is, look at how red her cheeks are and a million and one other ways that are not 100% accurate and truthfully -- all these variables differ from woman to woman.

The reality is that there is a super simple, 100% guaranteed to work sex technique that you can use to tell if your woman is 'faking it' or having real orgasms.

Here it is:

When your woman has an orgasm her anus will involuntarily contract.

So place your finger tip gently on her anus and if it contracts -- her orgasms are THE REAL DEAL.

If it doesn't, she's FAKING IT.

Simple as that and very easy when you know how.

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Since women are needy by nature, you can take full advantage of their insecurity by telling them how gorgeous they look or how nice their bodies are while she gives you oral sex. Do not hold back. If there are certain ways she moves her body that you particularly like, let her know whenever you can.

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Secret Two: Give her great foreplay. Foreplay has different meanings to different women. Generally, foreplay is a whole series of various activities that can be done to make women reach orgasms ultra fast.

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As a matter of fact, around 72% of today's women have been proven to enjoy foreplay much more than sexual intercourse itself. This would mean that they crave the feeling of wanting sex rather than having it.

The highlight of such great foreplay sessions would be the oral sex. You can get your partner to reach orgasms multiple times with a single technique - believe it.

Secret Three: Dominate her entire world. When it comes to bedroom play, you have to show her who the man is, no matter what. Women simply adore leaders and get turned off by fumbling men.

Because of this, you have to be exciting when it comes to the bedroom and do everything you can to get women to reach orgasms. Display the most of your masculinity and be a leader to prove how virile your actions are.

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Back of her neck- This is the one of the most sensitive zones in a woman's body which when touched in the right way would drive her absolutely wild with excitement towards you and she will get turned on instantly. Make sure that you use the palm of your hand and not the fingers and give her a nice gentle message behind her neck. When you do it in the right way you will instantly see her face turning red and she will be turned on.

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Lips- Do you know that women get turned on very fast if you kiss her in the right way? When you kiss her gently suck her upper lip and add some variation to it as the tension mounts. Her lips are another very sensitive zone which will get her turned on faster than you can think possible.

Navel area- This is another very sensitive area and every woman loves nice gentle soft kisses in this area since this turns her on extremely fast. Move down her belly area kissing her softly and see the tension build. The point to be noted here is to make sure that you go as slow as possible. Rushing through it would only spoil the mood and the passion. Therefore make sure you take it slow and easy.

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