Personalization also termed as customization, which has made a significant comeback during the last decade.

According to the State of Fashion report, personalization is evolving as the primary trend from the past few years. Nowadays, while you can easily make people wear the same things that you are doing, bringing a customization element to your store can help you provide unique stuff to customers. This can help you in making a potential customer base, higher revenue growth with better sales.

iDesigniBuy offers product design software, which enables our clients to stand out in the market in the long run. The good thing about this solution is that your efforts will be turned to be less for new and unique product creation right from the core, dealing with the suppliers for the inventory and, most fundamentally, offering those individual elements to the store.

If you are still not sure to integrate this solution, then this blog is all just for you.

Let's understand some of the things that your customers can do easily with the product design software:

Creating text-based designs:

iDesigniBuy's product customization software comes with a built-in text design tool that enables the customers to transform words into the best and catchy designs in just a few fingerprints.

One can go to the design panel and can add the text in the Plain text area.

While creating the design end-users can:

1. Choose the font.
2. Adjust font size.
3. Adjust letter spacing.
4. Choose a text color.
5. Select distance and angle.
6. Adjust position.

Applying Background Patterns:

Background plays a significant role in giving the product a makeover. To change the background theme, your buyers can browse through the library of default patterns. If they wish, they can also use the images as their new background pattern.

Utilizing Pre-Defined Templates:

Our developers have made some default templates which we update with the time and trend, that customers can use a design. Without making any extra efforts, you can enable your customers to finalize their products.

Apply Images and Quotes:
It is smooth and easy to upload an image as per the liking and demand of end-users externally. By utilizing social media channels, one can upload the pictures and design their products with ease.

It is indeed a fact that memes are ruling the design these days, so they can put some popular memes and quotes on their products to give it a cool look.

Layer based design creation:

The customization solution can make the customers, a perfect blend of complicated designs with numerous layers. Your shoppers can upload their files, can create BYI's sample, clipart, text, and everything in a unique product.

The end-user can experiment with the order of the designed layer by choosing and dragging the layer to rearrange them for finding the law which brings the best out of them.

Duplicating design elements:

The duplicating feature can be one of the best and lifesaving aspects when it comes to making the designs with the same elements. It adds each duplicate product with a new layer. One can also play around with all types of size, adjustment, and color for everyone as an individual. It can be done by uploading an image or picking from available ones and clicking on the option of duplicate.

Summing up:

Product customization software is indeed one of the best software if you want to upscale your online eStore business. With the perfect blend of technology and creativity, one can enhance their online product store in terms of sales and revenue and can stand in this tech-driven competition.

iDesigniBuy is a leading product customization software provider that delivers best in class and advanceproduct customization software as per clients' requirements. Our developers are experienced, which helps is in providing the solution as per the client's business needs.

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