Meet people all along the way. Make contacts and keep in touch. Don't wait till you need to network. You never know will be a great contact some day.

What are you looking for?

Define your goals. You have to know what you are working towards. Write them down. Be specific. Are they doable?

Dressing Down

Though it’s great to look sharp there is a balance here. At networking events if you look too dressed up people may not approach you.

Forgetting Business Cards

This just makes it easier and looks good. Searching around for paper and a pen is a little distracting. However if this is all you have still get the information.

Being Unprepared

Thinking you know what you want is not the same as knowing it. What people do you wish to meet? Are you seeking professional, customers, partners, or anyone at all? These are approached in different ways. Write down the goals.

Don’t Lie

If you name drop sooner or later it will be found out that you used a name when the person did not give permission to do this. Might get you in, and also might get people ticked.

Being Pompous

This is a killer. Probably no one will say anything but it might be a deal breaker. People want to hear how you can help, not how much you know and how great you are. That will become clear as you give a helping hand. But the best tell how great the client is.

Taking up Someone's Time

At a networking event, everyone wants to chat. But they want to chat with a few people not just stay in one place. Just be conscious of this.

Not Having a Conversation

Just talk with people. It doesn’t have to be about business. Let them get to know you. It’s cool for people to see people.

Being Passive

If someone can't help or isn't interested right then it might help to inquire. Do you know anyone else who might have something? Any thoughts on what my next step should be?" Mind if we talk in the future?


Whether at a function or emailing not responding probably is one of the worst statements. Not replying in any way makes people think that you think you can’t be bothered. Everyone knows people are busy but about the 3rd e-mail, call, or inquiry there should be some kind of reply even if you can’t help them.

Not Help Others

Truly help others. That means you are not looking to get something. This seems to be a rare occurrence but if this occurred more and more people did this, more would succeed together.

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