Whether you’re about to dive in to your very first online business venture or whether you’re a seasoned Internet business owner, you’ll likely encounter several advantages and disadvantages along the way. Getting out of financial ruin or alleviating your financial stress is one way that having an online business can help you. Another great feature is that you can be home to work the hours you wish and have the freedom to take a day off if you choose to.

If you’re looking to be wildly successful, however, be prepared to spend many hours getting everything set up for success (many people give up before they see success). Another reason why some people fail at an online business venture is that the novelty of having their own “gig” wears off and they soon lose their motivation. Here are four situations you’re likely to be faced with if you own an online business.

Two Positive Results of Owning an Internet Business

If you have become the victim of downsizing and are no longer working, you’re not alone. The facts and figures show that, as of August 21, 2009, a whopping 16% of us are unemployed! Though many folks have applied for unemployment to help make the bills, they are finding that entering the job-seeking market once again is a brutal place to be. Owning an Internet business can shield you from being laid off for lack of work and can provide you with financial security once everything gets going.

Not having to punch a timecard or commute a distance to the office is another great reason to start an online business. You can be at home, working in your pajamas if you wish, and have the freedom to take a 2-hour lunch if you choose to. Awards assemblies for the kids and doctor’s appointments are no longer a challenge because you don’t have to report to an employer every day. The burden of driving in traffic for hours a day is sometimes the only reason why people break free from the corporate work structure and start something online!

Two Disadvantages of Owning an Online Business

In any business’ beginning stages, much work and effort is required. If you are opening your very first business and have a learning curve to overcome, be prepared for it to take slightly longer to get your business up and running. Learning valuable skills like search engine optimization, Internet marketing, social networking, article marketing, list building, and blogging are necessary skills to have under your belt before proceeding (or hire someone to do this for you).

Lack of motivation is your worst enemy! If you are very excited about getting started on your business and then quickly lose steam once you see how much work is involved, then you’ve completely sabotaged your business! Surround yourself with people who are in the same line of work as you are and feed off of their motivation and lack of procrastination. Successful people are those who do not let fear get in the way of their dreams and they get necessary tasks done thoroughly and in a timely manner!

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