Well not to waist your time, but to actually how I was inspired to think and to Grow Rich. Before I tell you about the endless amount of audio books I listen too, I’m just going to tell you a quick but the most resent story which took place day before yesterday.
After listening to my Audio Book the Master key System lesson 4, I took it to account that I should test it and actually see if it would give me the desired results! So I set forth. Before I laid my head at night to dream land I 1st written down all the things I wanted to achieve for the day after (as instructed) then I closed my eyes and removed every thought in my mind till my brain was at peace and my body was relaxed.
The main objective I had was to encounter R100.00 cash! How was I going to grasp it? I don’t know! But what I knew was I am going to put all my attention effort to acquire what I longed for desired. So as the 20 min passed after I felt at complete ease and at peace I took the small paper which I have written what I wanted and I read it as many times as I could till I fell asleep.
Then the morning came! I did not feel any different but one thing for sure is I knew what I wanted but still never knew how to bring it about into manifestation. As instructed I took that little paper again and read it till I suddenly had this feeling! Must say many times iv had that feeling but in most cases it will come forth once I have achieved the goal I had.
This feeling felt so good because it was as if I had already achieved that little goal that I had constantly thought about! So I never had no fear in my mind, Nor in my heart because some where some how I had discovered that I actually convinced my mind that I already have it.
Hours past as the day got away to the mist of darkness, but still the remainder of me having that money stayed in my mind, so the only question I had was how am I going to get it. I already saw it! Already held it! I imagined it so much that it was impossible for me not to have it!
6:30pm I get a message of someone wanting me to help them I fixing their laptop! Then the I felt it coming because they asked “how much would you charge for you to fix my laptop” I am not a specialist at that level but it is something that I enjoy doing, and since I only had 1 goal in mind with no hesitation I said “it will be R100.00” and so I did apply the skill that I had acquired and was gratefully rewarded for it.

Some might say it’s a coincidence and some might say its pure luck! But I say it’s the power of the mind! Mind is creative. “What we conceive in the mind we shall achieve in the physical” there is a world where most of the people have not discovered, and that is the world within and we are related to the world from within by the sub-conscious mind. The world within shall bring to manifestation anything you want as long as it’s not a selfish thought!

“We must be before we can do
We can do only to an extent of what we are
And what we are depends of what we think”
Anticipate success with your mental attitude

Mentally concentrate on the object of your desire (impress your sub conscious mind) Create miracles. Sub conscious mind is ready to deliver what our conscious will wants; don’t tell the subconscious mind how to get what you want! You are simply to say what you want it only requires recognition to set cause in motion which will bring results only cause to your desires it’s possible because the universe can act on the individual and the individual can only act on the universal! Their 1.

So make the application! What have you got to loose? Only your limitations.

And today which is the 23 January, 2013 I set in cause another motion of lifting up my expectations, so instead of R100.00 to I say R200.00. With no Job but with the power to make anything I want possible! I shall tell you the outcome of this day! And with only my mind I shall make the impossible seem with so little of effort possible.

This is Siphiwe Mkhonza aka Blada Cgm.

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My name is Siphiwe Mkhonza Aka known as Blada Cgm born 1992 April 16. Birth Place Soweto @ Baragwaneth Hospital. Net worth? R62.00 cash lolz…