With today’s growing awareness of environmental issues, green is the new black. Today everyone is thinking green. Consumers can’t get enough of green: whether it’s a sage green throw, leafy green salads, or a beautiful green tree or shrub in the back yard.

Today’s green movement also carries over when you are preparing to sell your home. Potential buyers are savvy. They expect the home’s attributes to be current and the physical space to be in move in condition. They need to be able to look at a space and know exactly what it can be used for and they need to be able to see themselves living and relaxing in the home.

Preparing the home is crucial. Time spent before listing your home will reward you with a sale closer to your asking price and less days on the market. Think green to get you going:

1. Clean windows so you can see the great outdoors. A soap and water mixture sprayed on windows then wiped off with newspaper makes for a streak-free view of the outdoors.
2. Let the buyers know how easy it is to compost and recycle and that you have lots of room to do this. Remember that everything should have a designated area.
3. Place green bins and garbage cans in an area that is not front and center. Garbage and recycling bins should be tucked away in an easily accessible yet hidden location. Be sure they are emptied regularly.
4. Weed and mulch all lawn and garden areas. Mulch will feed your lawn and keep it healthy looking.
5. Keep your lawn freshly cut and fertilized. Keep in mind the wide variety of natural pest control and lawn products available. Having a flourishing yard does not have to have a negative environmental impact.
6. Prune bushes and trees so they are not blocking any windows or obstructing the view of the house. This will make your yard look tidy and help fill your house with natural light.
7. Check your gutters for plant material and moss. Make sure the gutters are draining properly and not damaging your house or yard.
8. Be sure to mention the green features of your home (i.e. Energy Star appliances, new windows, insulated basement/attic).
9. Remove dead plants or shrubs. Brown is not so chic. Replace it with a heartier local variety of plant or shrub.
10. Add a plant to a room, front porch or deck. A plant can bring life to your house and improve the air quality. Something living and green is very inviting.

Follow these tips to give your house a green appeal inside and out. By thinking green you can be well on the way to getting your house ready to place on the market and ready to reap the financial rewards.

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