Thoughts are powerful. The more you examine your thoughts, the more you'll realize this is the case. Thoughts are actually a form of energy. Don't believe me? Science tells us that thinking a new thought creates a structure in your brain, a connection between neurons. With your mind, you're able to change reality right there in your gray matter. And if you think the same thoughts you always have, you'll reinforce the structures in your brain (known as neural networks) just like wearing a groove in your lawn by walking across it at the same place day after day.

Because your thoughts can change the physical world, you want them to be positive whenever possible. Every day, we experience a far greater number of thoughts than we're aware of, and unfortunately, many of them are disempowering.

Do an experiment. Make a point of noticing the quality of your thoughts today and intensity and quality of the sentiments wrapped around them. If you want to replace your unproductive attitude with a productive one, pay attention to your thoughts and the emotions that strengthen or weaken them. For example, if you insist to yourself I am happy that I'm making a million dollars this year! you might think that would help you bring about a seven-figure salary. However, if you embellishing this particular statement with a negative thought such as I don't really believe this. It's an unrealistic goal, and create a feeling of insecurity, you will sabotaging your efforts to manifest that goal and you won't achieve the results you hope for. To manifest a million dollars, you have to feellike a million dollars. You must feel a powerful sense of abundance, enthusiasm, worthiness, and confidence. If saying "I'm happy I’m making huge amounts of money this year!" makes you feel a greater sense of passion and prosperity, then use it as your affirmation instead of "I'm happy I’m making a million dollars this year!"

Everyone is different. A declaration that makes someone feel unambiguously confident might make you feel unsure, and vice versa, so choose the one that works for you. You'll find that if you attach enough powerful, positive emotions to your affirmations over a period of time, you'll believe them.

To fuel your beliefs with the proper emotions that support them, be aware of the language you’re using. Thoughts such as I am making a million dollars and my bank account is full of cash! I am rich beyond my wildest dreams! might cause you feel excited, rich, and full of possibilities. These words help you imagine a stack of cash in your wallet and a flood of checks coming in. It doesn’t matter if all of this isn’t literally true at the moment, as long as the words, feelings, and images you create in your mind make you feel rich. Positive convictions will propel you toward your goals and give you the magnetic ability to attract what you desire if they're accompanied by those wondrous, powerful, positive emotions.

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Peggy McColl is the author of the New York Times bestseller Your Destiny Switch. She is a much sought after motivational speaker and goal achievement coach. This article is adapted from her book The Won Thing, published by Hay House, copyright 2009 Peggy McColl,