Piercing has fascinated a lot of people for a long time. Be it for their traditional beliefs or to make a fashion statement, piercing have been in the picture since historic times. Piercings and tattoos are the ways in which individuals choose to express themselves. Some like them to be bold which makes them stand out whereas some like them to be subtle which simply merges with their entire appearance. Body piercings are a way to show your confidence and your unconventional attitude towards your life. Be it models or sportsmen, everyone seems to be rocking pierced looks these days.

Nose piercings are one of the most common kinds of piercing that people opt for.  In this article we will cover all you need to know about getting your nose pierced and finding the right nose ring store for a safe and good quality experience.

Finding the right place

The first things you need to do is explore a few good options and then finalize the piercing studio. Comparing a few places on the basis of their hygiene, expertise, reviews and price will help you to make a wise decision. The professionals must use hand gloves and sterilized tools. They should wash or sanitize their hands before touching your face or the tools and before putting their gloves on. The area that is supposed to be pierced should also be sterilized properly. Make sure that you explain exactly what you are looking for so that the final results are just as you wanted!

The process

After finding the right place, you should be aware of the procedure to ensure that the professional is performing it in the right way. He will begin by sterilizing the tools, his gloves and the area that needs to be pierced. When it comes to nose piercing, make sure that the professional is using traditional piercing techniques rather than a piercing gun. As this area is delicate and it needs needling, a piercing gun can result in tissue damage. A hollow needle is used for this kind of piercing as it is safer and more hygienic. With piercing guns, there is a high possibility that some skin tissue is still left which can cause infections.

This procedure takes a few minutes and there will be little bleeding. The professional will wipe away the blood around the skin and apply an ointment if needed.


It is advised that you keep the area away from getting wet or moist for at least next 10 days. This is because the piercing is still in its healing stage, coming in contact with water might delay the healing and also increase chances for an infection. It is possible that you might face some minor issues during the healing period which is normal. The professional might advise you some cream or ointment that can help in speeding up the healing process.

Types of nose piercings

Nose piercings come in a vast variety. You can go for septum piercing, a simple nostril piercing, bridge of the nose, septril piercing nasallang piercing and a lot more. As your nose is one of the most prominent features on your face, make sure that you choose the piercing placement carefully. Be sure to consult the professional as he might be able to give you a few suggestions and ideas as well.

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