Are you constantly thinking negative thoughts on a daily basis?

If so then you need to address this problem as quickly as possible.

We are constantly reminded of how negative thinking can prevent us from living the life we want, achieving what we want and being what we want.

I was a victim of negative thinking for many years.

It was without doubt my Achilles Heel.

The biggest barrier that stood in my way to achieving all those rugby goals I dreamed of achieving ever since I was a kid.

Looking back, I have to admit that living in the constant shadow of my brother Rob was the root of all my problems

He achieved nearly everything you could possibly achieve in rugby.

And being 6 years younger than him, I always felt I had something to prove.

I always felt I had to try that much harder, and be that much better.

I was also looking at my career clock and comparing what my brother achieved at the same stages of my career.

The older I got and the further my goals seemed to be moving away from me, the more negative I became. The more the doubts and frustrations started to build

I clearly knew how damaging this was for me, but for some reason I couldn’t find a way of shaking it off.

I so wanted to stop all these negative thoughts, and I guess if you’re reading this now then you are thinking the same

So how can you stop all of this negative thinking from emanating from you?

Read on and find out!


As I briefly mentioned above, my negative thinking brought on so much more anxiety in life

-These debilitating traits of negative thinking and anxiety go hand and hand.

When you habitually do negative thinking—then you will suffer from anxiety.

-When you fall in to anxiety there is little that you can do, let alone achieve!

What you need is a clear cut strategy to end negative thinking forever!


Your negative thoughts have two general sources.

The first obvious explanation that top psychologists offer is that your negative thoughts come from experiences.

You have had several negative experiences before, concerning work, life and love.

Since you’ve had these experiences, you then perceive that history will repeat itself in a similar or a familiar situation.

But I will let you in on a secret---

The negative experiences that you had in the past—and perhaps the negative experiences that you will have in the future are all caused by you persistent negative thinking!

This persistent negative thinking is stored deep within your mind.

And to be exact deep within your subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind is the epicenter of all your power.

This is the 'bank' that gathers, saves and then emanates to the universe all these negative thoughts —thus the result is that you are pre-programmed for failure even before you begun!

How then can you then stop thinking negative thoughts, enabling you to live a more enriching and successful life?

1. Become Aware Of Your Negative Thoughts.

If you’ve been under the spell of negative thinking for a number of years, then your negative, self-defeating thoughts have become a learned and subconscious behavior.

So your first step is to become an observer of your thoughts, and the negative chatter in your head.

2. Use The ‘Flip Switch’ Technique

Once you've recognized a negative thought in your head, use the ‘flip switch’ technique. This is a technique where you immediately switch a negative thought to one that is more positive, joyful and happy e.g. an occasion of your greatest achievement or success, a happy time you spent with family or friends.

3. Write And Recite Some Powerful, Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are really effective in imprinting new beliefs and behaviors in your subconscious mind. Repeatedly reciting positive affirmations whether out loud or quietly in your head every day, will not only immediately change your mood to one that’s more positive and upbeat, but will eventually reprogram your life’s blueprint- your subconscious mind- the power centre which dictates your whole reality, so that you start attracting and experiencing more positive things in your life.

You may have a heard this being said before, but your reality is a reflection of your thoughts.

By simply changing your thoughts your life will change automatically.

It certainly did for me.

So I ask you now, just apply these simple steps in your daily life and you then have the cure to stopping you thinking negative thoughts quickly and effectively.

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Are you constantly thinking negative thoughts on a daily basis? If so then you need to address this problem as quickly as possible. Follow these simple steps to ensure that negative thinking will never get in the way of the achieving the success and happiness you rightly deserve.