Talking about briefs for men, there always been a special feeling even every man’s heart about the focus that it helps you to have on the manhood and other factors as well. However, there are breathability issues that men point out and they know how essential the same is for you. With all the troubles and dilemmas, the men’s underwear style is still considered to be the best one among all the others that have come with time.

This article talks about the various times when you should NOT wear briefs in order to safeguard yourself and your manhood.

1. In summers
Unless it is sheer underwear or something like cotton that is incomparable, briefs can be very suffocating for your manhood. After all, the snug fit with the body-hugging design is almost like added layers in the sensitive area can be very irritating. The heat accumulation in the assets can be very problematic for your manhood. You know the heat and sweat issues that happen during the hot months. That’s exactly why you need to choose male thongs or something more sensual than briefs.

2. When you want to feel free
Feeling free is definitely a feeling when you need less of fabric and lots of breathability down there, which is certainly not possible if you are in the tighty whiteys. In order to have that freedom, you have to pick something which will let your manhood on the loose letting it do what it wants to do rather than stay in one position.

3. When you have an infection
You must have heard ‘n’ number of times that when you a fungal or a bacterial infection, you should not wear string but you shouldn’t even wear something that sticks close to your body. It will not let the sweat get away from the assets and where there’s sweat, there’ll always be problems as well as infections. Hence, when you come by this time, you should invest in something more like boxers (the loose ones) in order to give coverage as well as space to the assets.

4. When you want to feel sexy
It is not that you cannot feel sexy in the conventional pairs, but why feel something different in the same fashion underwear when you have a whole lot of options available for you. You can choose anything or any style to give your manhood a feeling that it should have. Whether you choose a pair of bikini underwear or something more revealing, the choice is completely yours to make. All you should know is - choose something else because the feeling will definitely be an experience for you.

With these reasons, you should look on the brighter side of life and avoid briefs while opting for something else for yourself. On the other times, the respective style has got be your partner in crime. Choose the same on the regular days, as well as the special occasion for your support.

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