There are a certain number of countries that look good as prospective lands to immigrate to for all. Countries like England, Australia, Canada, USA, etc are some prime examples. Statistically, Canada is a country that many people feel inclined to migrate to, or prefer in most cases. People migrate to there because of many important reasons and attractions of the country that appeals to them the most. As a result of those reasons, the number of people migrating to Canada has steadily increased over the years. If you are also interested in making the move to shift to Canada, or on the fence about it, there are some very persuasive reasons on why you should.

Why People Prefer to Move to Canada and why should you?

There could be a number of reasons for you to strongly consider moving to Canada. According to the UN, Canada has one of the best standards for living in the world. This is quite evident in the number of people who immigrate to Canada, rather than emigrating out of it using the top immigration consultants they can find. Here are some good reasons why you should too:-

  • Canada’s welfare program will appeal to you best because of the multiple benefits that come of it to all citizens and residents.
  • You will receive old age pension, educational sanctions, social welfare and insurance, childcare benefits and much more.
  • Getting a Canadian citizenship is possible for all even if you are migrating for work, business, and studies or to live with your family.

What are the Best Ways which you can use to Immigrate to Canada?

Work Permit:- One way by which you can immigrate to Canada is by means of a job offer. In such a case, you would have to be a skilled worker, and you would be able to come and stay in Canada with a work permit. Once you have secured a job in Canada as an essential worker by this method, you will eventually get a permanent residence by either the CEC or Canadian Experience Class, or any other programs for workers.

Study Permit:- If you are interested in studying in Canada, or pursue a career path through any college or university in Canada, you too can immigrate to Canada. The Immigration Consultants that you use to help you contact and apply for the courses will help you get a study permit. Once you have a study permit, you will be able to live in Canada during the duration of your studies.

After you have completed your graduation or post-grad, you can take a job in the province of your University. This will indicate that you have a commitment to remain there, and with a subsequent work permit, you will gain permanent residence or citizenship.

Sponsored by Spouse:- If you have a wife or a husband who is a permanent resident of Canada, a citizen, then you have a chance at becoming a permanent resident too. Immigration services in Canada have cracked down on all kinds of marriage frauds, so this will only work for you if your marriage is real and not a sham.

You can get a Spousal Visa for yourself or for your Spouse from reliable Canada Immigration Consultants you can find. This will allow one to live in Canada with their spouse for up to 2 years before they are approved for the foreign spouse permanent residence citizenship by the IRCC.

These are some of the best ways using which, you can try and immigrate to Canada permanently. People with a genuine desire to live in Canada will benefit by using any of them and achieve their dream of staying Canada, by themselves, or with their family and friends.

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