In a previous article, I mentioned someone who I met after I helped a friend move house. This was someone called Wain, and since our paths crossed in the middle of 2015, a number of thought-provoking conversations have been had.

It doesn’t end there, though, as what I think about after we have spent time together has just as much of an effect, if not more. There are a number of reasons as to why our conversations are so thought-provoking.

A Powerful Question

For one thing, Wain is not someone who likes to take passive role and to simply accept what comes out of another person’s mouth. What I mean by this is that he often likes to dig a little bit deeper, in order to find out why something has been said.

For example, there have been moments when I have expressed what I have wanted to achieve and he has asked me why this was. Now, this is not because he has an issue with what I wanted to achieve; what it came down to was that he was curious about what was behind this need.

A Clear Understanding

This is surely the result of the hardships that he has experienced by not questioning his own motives in the past. He is only too aware of how there can be the reason why we think we want to achieve something and then there can be real reason, with this being out of our conscious awareness.

When this is the case, it can cause us to suffer in one way or another. At the beginning of our friendship, being asked this took me by surprise - it was as though I was being criticised.

A Different Outlook

But as time passed, I was able to see that this question was coming from place of genuine curiosity and the desire to save me from a lot of unnecessary pain. And after being asked this question, I gradually started to take a deeper look at the reasons why I did certain things.

In addition to this, he would speak about how there is not just what we go through during a certain experience; there is also what takes place after this experience is over. Said another way, we can gain far more from an experience once it has passed then we can when it is taking place.

Mind Expanding

For example, consciously we can believe that we are having an experience for a certain reason but, after the hours, weeks and days pass, we can see that we had this experience for a completely different reason. Therefore, even if we have an experience that seems to have no other reason than to tear us down, as time goes by it might become clear that this was not the reason why we had it.

That is, of course, if we have an open mind and don’t end up seeing ourselves as a victim. This takes me back to when I first met Wain and how I thought that we had been brought together to create videos.

Final Thoughts

It is now crystal clear that we were not brought together just to create films; this was simply the hook point. In all my time on this planet, I have not come across someone like Wain before, someone who has the ability to get to the root of the issue like he does.

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