In an article that I wrote a few months ago, I spoke about someone who I met whilst I was at a spiritual shop a few years ago. His name was Ian Baillie, and this was someone who was into past lives.

At the time, this was not something that I knew much about, but I was open-minded and keen to find out more. This started off with him talking about who he thought I was in one of my past lives.

A Few Connections

Firstly, he said that I was a confederate general in one life and, after a while, he said that I had a connection to Athens during the golden age. I thought this was all very interesting and I thought about how I hadn’t come across anyone like this before.

In addition to this, he also went into some of the lives that he had had in the past. When it came to the life in Athens, I said that I had always enjoyed watching films like ‘Gladiator and ‘Troy’’, and that there was something about Greek history that pulled me in.

A Powerful Experience

As an aside, at the beginning of this year when I was working with someone who did something called Life Activation, I had this vision of being an orator in Greece or somewhere similar. I was in a room and was walking towards a balcony.

This could be me tapping into a memory, or it could just be a creation of my own mind, who knows. It might not have any relevance, but this moment did have a big effect on me.

A Reading

A little while after we had first met, Ian said that I might enjoy going to see someone called, Grant Colyer. Grant was a psychic medium, which meant that he had the ability to tune into what someone had been through in other lives.

I had had readings in the past, but I hadn’t experienced anything like this before. Even without going into the ability that he had to tune into my past lives, he was incredibly intuitive and tuned in.

A Team

It was during this time that it was said that I had a connection to Orville Wright. But with that aside, it is clear that Ian and Grant make a great team; with the former getting an idea of what someone has been through in the past, and the latter going deeper into what has been revealed.

Along with Ian’s Interest in past lives, he also has a degree and a broad understanding of history. At a time when a lot of people at his age are winding down, he is more active that people who are half his age.

A Lifelong Pursuit

It is not common for someone to stop learning as they get older and for their mind to gradually close. Ian, on the other hand, is only too happy to learn new things and to do what he can to maintain an open mind.

If you would like to find out more about Ian and the work that he does on past lives, please go to And, if you would like to find out more about Grant Colyer, please go to

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