Everyone wants to be successful in life but only a small percentage of people manage to become successful, why is that?

Is it because people don’t work hard? No, some people work really hard and they never reach what they want

Is it because they didn’t try?
No, lots of people tried to succeed and failed

So what is the secret to success?
And how can you become successful even if you face lots of obstacles in your daily life?

Ask any successful person about the secret of his success and he will tell you the same thing. Success is all about trying enough number of times until you manage to find out the right way that works

Need a proof?

If this sounds weird or if you want a hard proof that reaching success is all about trying enough number of times then read the following real life examples:

• Thomas Edison failed nine hundred ninety nine times before he succeeded in inventing the lamp On the 1000th trial!!!, right after doing that people asked him, how did you manage to bear all that criticism and keep going? He answered each time it didn’t work I never said “I failed” but I only said I discovered a new way how to not invent the lamp
• Henry Ford lost all of his fortune 6 times and each time he bounced back and rebuilt his empire.
• Walt Disney's idea of creating a cartoon character called "Mickey Mouse" was rejected more than 5 times until he managed to find someone who supported the idea and then Mickey came to life.
• English novelist John Creasy got 753 rejection slips before he published 564 books and became a famous writer!!
• Most people know that Warren buffet the richest man in the world made his money from investments but what the majority of people don’t about Buffet is that his tutor recommended that he chooses another career other than finance because he believed that it doesn’t suit him!!

Maybe those people were exceptions?

Do you think that those people were exceptions and that you can’t be as persistent as them?
No they weren’t, because you did that too long ago!!
Remember when you were learning how to walk? How many times did you fall? Why did you keep going? Because it this point you believed that its possible and that’s why you never stopped trying

I want you to watch any child trying to hold a door knob for the first time, you will find that the child will hold the objects incorrectly many times before it manages to find out the right way.

That’s how the learning process works, we learn through negative feedback which means that we have to do wrong things in order to learn how to avoid our mistakes the next time

So why do people fail to succeed?
Those who fail aren’t the ones who don’t try hard enough
They aren’t the ones who are pessimistic
They aren’t the ones who don’t try

But they are the ones who give up after few failures because they don’t understand that reaching success is only a matter of trying and tying until something works for them.

If Walt destiny lost hope long ago Mickey, Disney land and the Walt Disney corporation wouldn’t have came to life and I wont have even mentioned his name in this post

Now imagine the kind of things that would never exist in this world if you gave up too soon!!

Success is all about the number of tires!
And if you need any more proofs just ask any successful person

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