To stop hair loss would be one of the most staggering puzzles to solve. Alopecia is the medical term for this condition and this is said to be predominantly a male problem, although this afflicts women in different circumstances at some point in their life. Causes of hair loss in men and women are tangled with numerous factors such as malnutrition, hormonal disorders (in women), drugs, strong medications, accidents, crash diets, thyroid diseases, and genetics.

In women, the most common cause of hair loss in them is hormonal disorders. This happens when women go through the natural process of pregnancy and menopause. Both are said to cause hair thinning or hair loss as the hormones inside their body fluctuates drastically. The display of loss in women is completely different than in men. Women’s hair loss is often showed in a diffuse hair thinning mostly at the top or crown area which preserves the hairline. In men is displayed in exact patterns at the front called the receding hairline and the bald spot on the crown area. Hair loss treatment for both sexes can be different, say for example the finasteride pill (Propecia) is a drug to cure baldness in men only and is in fact strongly contraindicated in women as the drug is clinically proven to contribute teratogenic effects on a fetus.

Another hair loss product used for many years to stop hair loss is minoxidil. Minoxidil in the treatment for the condition is in topical solutions like the Rogaine. This is believed to stop DHT production, the main culprit of hair loss in men. Both hair loss treatments have proved their efficiency in stopping hair loss and in stimulating hair regrowth at the same time but side effects were also observed in patients using the two treatments during the course of treatment. Discovered side effects for finasteride in men were erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive including decreased libido, and testicular pains. Minoxidil side effects include itching of the scalp and swelling, nausea, fainting, increased heartbeat, and swollen hands and feet.

Because of this, more and more companies have created a new and dynamic yet natural approach in treating hair loss. The vital and potent ingredient behind patronized and effective renowned products for hair loss is the herb saw palmetto. This herb is clinically proven to stop hair loss and thus can significantly stimulate hair regrowth in both men and women. Saw palmetto is an anti androgen and works in a similar way that a finasteride pill does but without the aggravating side effects. This active ingredient is indeed utilized in big companies as their leading chemical in their hair loss products to stop hair loss. A company that uses saw palmetto extracts is Leimo.

Leimo provides potent topical solutions for day and night use that is especially designed with the main active ingredient saw palmetto extracts. Saw palmetto is highly recognized as a DHT inhibitor and hence can stimulate hair regrowth significantly. With religious use of the products, optimal results can be achieved in months. Complete your daily regimen with their unique hand held laser that provides laser comb treatment which can improve the condition of your hair, making it thicker, stronger, and healthier.

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