You’ll probably need to read this a few times due to the past programming that very few escaped and even fewer figured out how to erase. The goal of this programming is to block your awareness of what will be presented below (there is a chance though, that you will get it right away). So, let us now skip the unnecessary entry part and jump right to the main point and its application to everyday life situations.

What you are responsible for in your life, you fully own, i.e. have full authority over it. What you are not responsible for, you don’t own and therefore have no influence on it.

That, which you are responsible for by natural order of things but which you expect to be responsible for you instead, starts owning and influencing you. E.g. when you expect someone else to be responsible for you or any inner or outer part of your reality that is originally your responsibility, you automatically give that person the authority to have full influence over you or that very part of your inner or outer reality that you decided they are responsible for.

Examples? Sure. Let’s start with a popular one. If you decided that a person or circumstance from your past are responsible for your current state of affairs, then this past circumstance or someone becomes the main influence over your state of affairs in the part of your reality that you deem them responsible for. As long as you consider that specific circumstance or person responsible for this or that thing in your life, you are delegating them YOUR power and authority to influence that area of YOUR life.
Practically speaking, what happens is you make that person or circumstance from your past, AND NOT YOURSELF the authority, i.e., the author of the current state of affairs in that particular part of YOUR reality from that moment on. And the most ridiculous thing is - you chose it to be this way. The consequences? Here it goes. Now it’s up to them, not up to you, what is taking or not taking place in that part of your reality. In most cases both the person and the circumstance are unaware that you view them this way (as ultimate deciding authority and influence over the given part of YOUR reality), but the ones who practice voluntary loss of personal power in their own reality simply dismiss this obvious fact.

If, however, the people who you consider responsible for this or that state of affairs in your life are aware that you gave them this responsibility and therefore full power to influence that particular area of your life, they will, in most cases, use this influence and authority against you. Why? Because no healthy, i.e., self-sufficient system, will have a need to own your power. Therefore, those who gladly took it, have less than healthy motives behind it.

Another example? Let’s go to something even less tangible. If you view a certain belief or opinion of someone - either from your past or present, as responsible for anything bad or good in your life, this belief or opinion of that other person will own (=be ultimate authority over) this very part of your life. It is simply an unhealthy situation which is parasitic in nature and so it disables and dis-empowers both parties.

The extent to which you are not responsible for your life (and everything in it), is the extent to which you don’t own it, and is also the extent to which you have no influence over it. The opposite is also correct.

Your responsibility for yourself, your life, and all its expressions makes a functional, successful, and sovereign being out of you, who is also highly self-sufficient as the Source of all life imagined it.

The absence or lack of your responsibility for yourself makes a dysfunctional, dependent, failure oriented, subservient, and highly self-deficient being out of you as you re-imagined yourself according to the suggested social or someone else's standard, and this is nothing else but a distortion of your original Divine Image. This principle is also applicable to any collective consciousness.


Many people, due to some bizarre social conditioning or let's just call it misrepresentation of facts, have a negative association with the notion of responsibility. The result is they do everything they can to avoid taking responsibility as they mistakenly confuse responsibility with guilt and/or fault. For the sake of clarity, these two have nothing to do with what responsibility is all about.

Responsibility gives you freedom. Guilt takes it away from you. How? In a very obvious way. Responsibility is the ability to choose an appropriate (=wholesome and creative) response to an external or internal change of environment. This response is chosen out of multiple options that are always available and that you will quickly become aware of,- if you practice responsibility (i.e., the ability to consciously choose a constructive response to whatever is taking place). Guilt, on the other hand, is not based on and doesn't come from conscious and free response at all. Quite on the contrary, guilt is a programmed reaction - of a very sick and destructive nature. And there is no freedom in reaction. It is predictable and it is programmed or conditioned (i.e., this particular stimulus will evoke this particular reaction, no other option). Guilt does not allow you to actually take responsibility for whatever had occurred and change the situation according to your new choice. Instead, the triggered reaction of guilt suggests (=makes you believe) that the situation can not be (or not allowed to be) changed, new approaches and actions do not exist (which is a lie) and all the guilt bearer is allowed and expected to do is - to focus on and expect punishment. Whether the punishment is external or self-imposed doesn't really matter, self-hurt (and not a solution) becomes the main goal, and the bottom line is that undesirable, outdated, or blatantly wrong things remain unchanged for as long as those people who actually can change things feel and think themselves guilty. That's a guilt trap. And it's the opposite of being responsible.

In essence you can't feel guilty and responsible at the same time, because one excludes the other. When someone considers another person or circumstance guilty of something in their life, while it is always possible to offer a creative and wholesome response to the situation in question, this someone walks into a guilt trap, i.e., as long as nobody is responsible and someone else is guilty, nothing will get to change. Guilt is a tool of manipulation, its purpose is to make the guilty one stuck and keep things in an undesirable state unchanging. Taking full responsibility is the way out of the trap. It allows you to get unstuck and start changing things into a more desirable state.

If you, in addition to taking full responsibility for yourself, design your life/reality according to yours, not anybody else’s values,- you shall feel happy or at least very content. If you design your life /reality according to other people or suggested and over-marketed social values while divorcing with your own (which will be inevitable), you shall feel miserable and lost for a very obvious reason that I’ll leave up to you to identify.

Those who impose their values on you (with your agreement), will control your life, even if they are no longer around. Those who want you to delegate your responsibility for your life or any area of it to them… will own this very area of your life.

Currently, allopathic doctors destroy your health, as long as you consider them, not yourself responsible for your health. Education destroys knowledge as long as you consider any educational body and not yourself responsible for what you know and what you don’t know. MSM destroys the truth? As long as… you believe it is not your job to be aware. Religion destroys spirituality…. Yes, it does. As long as 7 billion people agree that it is not their responsibility to take care of the state of their personal connection and communication with the Source of all life, and expansion, growth, and evolution of their Consciousness. I acknowledge the fact that a great deal of distortion has been performed on this planet to mess up with this area in particular. Nevertheless, let’s consider the following. If everybody takes full responsibility for this area, how does it matter who, when, and why, started this distortion if it’s up to each of us, individually and collectively to finish it?

Who specifically is responsible for, or what specifically, destroys your ability to come up with a creative and wholesome response (on a daily basis) to any insanity that is out there to challenge your Consciousness in the most idiotic ways possible (practiced on this planet) a lack of wisdom can conceive? You must come up with your own answer. Because first of all, it’s going to be a very informative one, and secondly, - it’ll be more valuable to you if it comes from you.


Who or what in your life is responsible for your feelings, thoughts, emotions, circumstances, traumas, recovery, your state of consciousness, joy, state of your health, happiness, boredom, despair, choices, and where you are going to at this point of your life? Who or what do you blame or deem responsible for regarding each of those things?

It’s important to know, because this very something or someone, and not you, owns and has full control over those happenings in your life that you consider it/him/her to be responsible for.

And in case you are still confused, everybody and everything that you blame for any state of affairs in your life, be it an early childhood situation, what a particular family member thought of you, or the ideas and personality of a president,- whatever and whoever you blame for anything IN YOUR REALITY, you actually consider it/him/her responsible for the state of affairs that YOU HAVE in this part of your reality. As was explained above, this means that the thoughts of this member of the family, that early childhood situation or ideas and personality of that president, and not you, automatically become the ultimate authority over this area of your life.

By delegating your responsibility to anything and anybody outside of you, you also give them the authority to influence what is taking place within YOUR Consciousness, because you delegated this authority to them. Ideally, and in the normal course of events, you should be such an authority, but naturally, it’s up to you whether you are it or not. The corresponding consequences (=effects) of your decision will follow.

It’s not about re-defining things as some may think. It’s about reclaiming your ownership of yourself, your life, your emotional, mental, physical, energy, and spiritual bodies, and the entire course of your creation,- the place where you, not anything or anybody else (government including), should have a final say and total power of influence. This reclaiming, if done individually and by most people, would make the healthiest, totally irreversible, and most profound shift in the collective that will open all possible and impossible ways for this collective to elevate itself to higher dimensions and much more functional and wholesome state of being.

Once humanity takes full responsibility for its collective past, present, and future, it will simultaneously take back the ownership of the course of its collective creation. The process must start on individual level first, but eventually it must be done collectively as well. This alone will qualify people of the Earth as the beings who finally entered a state of cosmic adulthood. And no ascension will take place prior to this.


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Andriana received her formal training in the field of Psychology and holds two University Degrees in Psychotherapy and Counseling.

Her main life and professional activity has always been focused on Consciousness, Human Potential, Personal Development, Evolution, and how one's mind, and different levels of Consciousness manifest corresponding nature of reality.

She is also gifted in the area of Arts and has a talent for uniting concrete, linear, fragmented, and logical with expanded, creative, and seemingly illogical, a big picture where all connections exist and function at the same time.