Along with balancing hormones such as hGH, a major key to health and longevity is the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is an extensive network of capillary vessels that transports the interstitial fluid of the body as lymph to the venous blood circulation. The lymph is the almost colorless fluid, containing chiefly white blood cells, that is collected from the tissues of the body and transported in
this system. The lymphatic system is probably the least known of all of the systems in the body but is certainly one of the most important. Why?

Let's use the analogy of a river and a pond. The water flows through a river and stagnates in a pond. The river water is clear, fresh and possibly drinkable. The pond of course, contains many micro-organisms which accumulate over time. This is similar to the lymphatic system. Because the lymphatic system depends upon the musculo-skeletal system as a "pump," if exercise is not done, a "pond" will formulate and one is assured of disease.

The work of Gaston Naessens, a brilliant research biologist from Canada. Naessens discovered what he called "somatids" in the blood. Somatids, a Greek word meaning "tiny body" was defined as the link between energy and matter. Precursors of DNA. They follow a specific cycle in a healthy person, consisting of 3 stages. This is called the microcycle.

When a person starts the disease process which can begin years before they experience any symptoms or are diagnosed with a disease (research indicates that diseases such as Alzheimer's may in fact, begin 30 years prior to symptoms). This pathological cycle, called with macrocycle, constitutes 13 additional stages. The higher the number, the greater the pathology.

The key in maintaining a healthy lympathic system and a HUGE key in longevity is keeping the somatids in their microcycle.

How? Quality food, exercise, hormonal balancing and the use of Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly is made from the secretion of the queen bee. It contains many of the B vitamins and is used to strengthen the immune system and increase blood count. It also is a key to health and longevity. Chlorella is a second substance that will stabilize the somatid cycle and thus improve the lymphatic system. Finally, Slippery Elm will liquefy and assist the movement of the lymph.

I cannot overemphasis the importance of exercise also. A report in The Lancet (leading British medical journal) stated that a lack of exercise is worse than smoking 2 packs of cigarettes per day.

Doc's Thoughts: As you can see, there are a few keys here to keeping your system healthy and strong. The great news is that the activities and substances needed are both safe and easy to attain. Doc Wellness Formula for hormonal balancing, Royal Jelly for lympathic health and of course, exercise. Follow these and watch the amazing results!

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Dr. David Orman is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Expert and Educator.